Participio goes to Burning Man

Burning Man is directing two ticket to the Participio project, and after some thinking I have decided to direct them to @Forestblessing for his work on the Dreams platform over the years, and to Kristoffer in the Borderland community, for his insane but ultimately successful scheme of switching the Borderland to an open source ticketing and profile system called Pretix, just a month before the membership registration.

@Forestblessing was the first person to pick up Dreams, just shortly after I open-sourced it in 2016. He took it, improved it immensely, and the following year the Borderland was running on the version he made happen. It was the little spark of open source for Burns magic that inspired everything that followed ā€“ developing Realities, implementing Loomio and now Pretix. Because of Gal, Dreams got the team and improvements it deserved.

Kristoffer has worked his ass off to bring open source ticketing and membership profile systems to the Borderland on a crazy short deadline. Implementing Pretix, Keycloak and writing plugins to enable the lottery and custom questions, he was the foundational piece of replacing the last closed source, paid service part of our tech ecosystem with something we could own, improve and customize.

So now they are both going to Burning Man, by invitation of the Burning Man Project organization. Thank you!