Partners presentations: what we will talk about in Milano

Instructions for this wiki

Please add your presentation(s) to the steering committee meeting of Wednesday, November 30th. Please focus on the project’s objectives (see below), not on the project management aspects – we have the reporting to take care of that. Tell us:

  • What have you been working on since Stockholm?
  • How does it contribute to the project's objectives?
  • What do you need from other partners to continute your journey?
  • [...]

A good time would be 10 minutes per presentation, with the possibility that partners and/or WPs combine two presentations, let’s say. Take one slot for each major thing you have been working on. The idea is to leave enough room for discussion.

WeMake, as hosting partner, has last word on sequencing and the final agenda.

List of the presentations

I (Guy) suggest that we order presentations according to the WPs, to put ourselves into a mid-term reporting mindset. WP leaders should edit the wiki and add title, presenters’ names, upload slides, etc.

  • Go back to the DoA, link your presentation with the WP's listed objectives and address them.

opencare's objectives (from the proposal)

Objective 1. Learn-by-doing how to deploy collective intelligence to design care services

1.1. Develop a how-to guide to convene, manage and harvest a large-scale online conversation as a care provision service design engine. The guide should be a result of learning-by-doing, building on previous experience and improving on it.

1.2. Develop a how-to guide to document testing activities in the field or in the lab/makerspace in such a way that documentation can be fed back to the online conversation. The guide should be a result of learning-by-doing, building on previous experience and improving on it.

Objective 2. Produce a realistic scenario of policy for community-driven provision of care services at scale

2.1. Consider the implications of applying community-driven design and delivery of care services to the context of European welfare states. Give special attention to the issue of fairness and ownership of the input contributed to open processes.

2.2. Identify best practice in community welfare, and in general care services designed and/or delivered through collectively intelligent processes, and learn from them.

Objective 3. Assemble a software stack to monitor and assist collective intelligence social dynamics in online communities 

3.1 Further test, validate and if necessary extend OpenEthnographer in the context of the conversation on care (see section 1.3.5)

3.1 Further test, validate and if necessary extend Edgesense in the context of the conversation on care (see section 1.3.5)

3.3 Build and test a prototype of a tool for  semantic network analysis (see 1.4.2)

ethics, data management plan and budget

  • If relevant, address how your work involves the ethics work package and/or the data management plan, what has been or still needs to be done.
  • You should also say a word about budget consumption -- everything going as planned, some actions started later than planned and budget not all consummed, etc.


WP1 (SCIMPULSE) - Learn, engage and disseminate

  • Lorep Ipsum

WP2 (ER) -

  • @Noemi – Engaging, onboarding and managing the opencare online community. Includes an account of the Open&Change operation. (10 min.)
  • @Alberto (with @Amelia ). Ethnographic coding: how it is going, its methodological challenges. (10 min.)

WP3 (WeMake) - Prototype community-driven care services

  • Lorep Ipsum

WP4 (EHFF) - Design and evaluation of community-based health/social policies at scale

Brief Powerpoint on on cases, policy evaluation and design of survey

WP5 (UBx) - Data processing for aggregating collective intelligence processes

  • @melancon Prototyping the SSNA dashboard / Supporting ethno-coding (2 x 10 min.)

WP6 (UBx) - Lead, govern and manage the project

  • @Luce Gettin' ready for the mid-term report (10 min.)

CIty of MIlano might also want to report on their activities, please feel free to add a prez.

Ethno coding prez

@Amelia you will not be physically present in Milano on the 30th, so I will present this part. Can you prepare a few slides with the relevant data?

On it

Will do!

WP6 - a wrap up of the individual meetings

@LuceChiodelliUB The WP6 prez need not be long, just a wrap up of things you collected during the Monday interviews. Last chance to remind us of priorities.

Comune di Milano Activities

Hi @Alberto, We also want to add a presentation about our activities, that are about different WP (1,2,3) and we would like to focus on policy making stuff that we’re implementing. We’re preparing a short presentation (10 min. is fine!)




Great, @Franca . Do you want to make an edit to the wiki? Just click on the “edit” tab.


Hi guys,

Nice seeing you again, and I again regret mismanaging my schedule and only being able to stay in Milan for one day. I have added the short powerpoint

I was supposed to present on the Wiki anyway. Next week EHFF will also upload our second working paper on open care cases and policy lessons. 

Best, Tino

About survey data

@Tino_Sanandaji I have read your presentation with interest (and uploaded it to the Consortium meeting documentation folder). Indeed, it seems you find open care more promising for policy than I initially expected. Good. I look forward to the paper or post. Question: what do you think about inserting a slide on the data? N = ? How are respondents distributed?

Note this links to reporting: where are your survey data stored? You will need to answer this question in the context of opencare’s data management plan. It also links to milestone M10, “Policy research feeding into the conversation”, that we had planned for October 2016. In order for this to happen, we’ll need a synthesis of the research in blog form post; you can publish it on ER, then we will try to engage the community on it. I know you already wrote a post, so it should be simple to republish it on ER.

Also ping @Lakomaa FYI.

Survey data


Data will be stored on SSE servers.

I have sent information on data and the survey to Luce as I could not find anywhere to put it in the reporting documents. I guess all the individual data management answers will be compiled to one for the entire project.

It’s on github