Password change disabled in Discourse

Not sure if this should be here… However, I realized there is apparently no longer a way to change your password on Clicking on the avatar and then on settings gives you access to your name and email (to be changed in the SSO site), but not to the password.

Is this some kind of bug? There appears to be a workaround: log out, then in the login screen choose “forgot my password” and choose a new one. However, one user (@BarbaraG )reports that this does not work either, as she does not receive the reset email.

Ping @matthias .

It appears that this workaround is rather the intended way how to change your password in Discourse.

Probably a spam folder / spam filter issue or other e-mail deliverability of some sort, as an e-mail from the Discourse SSO site arrives when I request a password reset for myself as a test.

The safest bet is to let the user change the e-mail address to an alternative e-mail address that the user may have, then let her do a password reset again. It seems that the user did just that shortly after you wrote your post. Hope it worked.

Noted with thanks!

I did it myself. There seems to be a bit of a catch 22: if you get locked out because your access to your email is spotty, you cannot change your email address yourself, because to log in you need access to your email. But not a big problem in practice, as admins are around to help, like in this case. :slight_smile: