Pasta Party tomorrow: latest info!

Hi everyone, I’m writing from the unMonastery in Matera (wifi up and running, yay!) and keeping track of all the last minute information as we’re preparing to kick start LOTE3, officially. A couple of information about the Pasta Party on Wednesday:

We’re all meeting at 15:00 at Porta Pistola (see map below):

Visualizzazione ingrandita della mappa

Thanks to the generosity of people who will bring in kilos of flour we will be all helping make the pasta, have fun and learn, especially under the guidance of [valentinabrogna]. As for cooking, we won’t be doing that ourselves: authorization is needed to cook in a public space, as Rita told us days ago. Fortunately one of the local restaurants nearby can help by cooking our fresh made pasta, sometime around 20:00; the place is called Trattoria dei Due Sassi:

To sum up, we’ll be making the pasta, serving and eating it, that’s still a lot to do!!

How can you contribute?

The making of pasta is expected to last pretty much the whole afternoon, so let’s not starve while doing that. It would be nice if everyone brought a little snack to share and eat as apetizers, during the making-of: think the usual Italian antipasti, can be prosciutto, some cheese, tomatoes, olive oil, herbs, nuts, or fruit and mixed vegetables. anything you can grab would be great.

See you there!