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Song at the campfire :musical_note:

I am Per Norbäck, a peer from Sweden. Found this nice place at the right time! This spring I will finish my studies. Some of us aren’t that fast thinking. I am 51. :grin:

In the late 80’s I started an experimental theater group. We explored the field of Performance Art together. The group is now passive, like a seed with the potential to rise again. After some years I felt I had to study. My first exam was in Mathematics, Philosophy & Aesthetics.

In the early 00’s I started an experiment party. We took a seat in our local parliament as the first internet party. We explored the field of Politics together. The party is now passive, but with the potential to rise again. After some years I felt I had to study more. My last exam will be in Data and Systems Science.

The more I have learned, the less I feel that I know. Now I will start an experimental company. The company will build on Collective Intelligence, assisted by AI. The business model will use gamification and it is inspired by ecological principles.

Imagine a contagious intestinal bacteria that starts to impact the global business world. It grows fast and facilitates necessary digestion to transform the ethical principles for ‘business as usual’. Eventually, it can become quite aggressive to the belly of companies that resist eating their own garbage.

Once again, I am very glad I found this campfire. Thank’s Hugi at Blivande!


Glad to see you here! I took the liberty of splitting your post off into its own thread. Custom is that new participants get a thread all to their own. :slight_smile:

We will have many more campfire conversations in the coming year at Blivande. I also want to introduce you to the ideas of Microsolidarity that we’ve been discussing recently. I’ll host some workshops at Blivande around this topic under the Edgeryders banner in the spring.

Hello Per the @Peer, welcome and nice to meet you. I am Alberto, one of the old timers here. I also finished my PhD in October last year, at… 52 :slight_smile:

Good luck with your company, I will be looking over your shoulder to learn more.

Thank you Alberto! Nice to hear that I am not alone in the wooden old timer boat. What was the subject of your PhD?

Economics - ish. “The management of online communities: a social networks perspective”. :slight_smile:

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Sounds interesting. Is it available online?