Personal Biographies and contact information for LOTE4 participants

Please add your information this spreadsheet and we will include the information in the printed program for event participants. Please do it this weekend!

Fixed the bio spreadsheets link

If somebody was wondering that the link did not work, I just fixed that. The spreadsheet it brings you to is now editable.

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Added twitter handles

We may be missing a lot of people in Matera who haven’t gotten in touch on… but unless @Natalia_Skoczylas has their contacts and emails we will have to do without them in the booklet.

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dear ladies, handling people in Mezzogiorno is a very special mission and believe me, none of us is able to predict, estimate and gather sufficient information about them. I keep on inviting them, and they might come, but spare me the effort of bureaucracy with them, as they are plenty and they prefer spontainiety over signing up, especially when the ticket is “just” in exchange for help. If you want them on a platform as a result, I suggest having a spare, open laptop somewhere with instructions where people could sign up for example. Or printed small info how to join edgeryders. and all the informal talks we can have.