Personal knowledge management (PKM) / note taking enthusiasts?

Hi all,
In March 2024 a two day event will take place in Utrecht / Netherlands around the topic of personal knowledge management. How are we in top of our own practice of working with information, learning etc? There’s been a lot of recent attention on various newish note taking tools, but PKM itself is much older, and the methods involved are ancient in part.

I’m not organising the event, but have been asked to help them shape the topics and scope of the event. I suggested ensuring it’s a) not a local but a European event, a meeting of peers with a curated and partly open programma, b) in order to avoid a heavy anglosphere emphasis, because they’re easier to find online, spend time finding such pkm-peers across Europe.

That’s why I’m posting here too. Who of you is interested in pkm, self-organised learning through note taking, personal tools and infostrategies etc? Who do you know of that I should definitively be aware of? What non-English European blogs, existing meet-ups, authors etc. would you point me to for these topics?

Thanks for any feedback!


I am interested in the topic. I tried different strategies and tools and still learning.

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Good idea! I seem to remember there is a tool for social bookmarking that came the #ioh project, no? I tried if for a while

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Definitely an interesting topic, and something I practice daily. @daniel is working on his own PKM tool and, as it is improving, it is becoming my new favorite, replacing my 2007 to current favourite, FreeMind.

Can’t help you there, sadly. Whatever I know about PKM / CKM (which would be collaborative knowledge mgm) is just idiosyncratic, self-developed practice. Sometimes I think I should put some of that in writing. That would probably start with a treatise on naming and ordering files, which to me feels like the most underrated PKM technique.

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I think about vector databases a lot in regards to this topic