Physical Infrastructures and Cascading Effects

Sometime you just don’t know where to go for new ideas. This is that moment for me.

Here’s a paper that works for my quantitative/engineering brain.

I’ve used it as a way to organise my thoughts about infrastructures and their cascading effects.

I need new ideas/reading but broadly in the same categories. Of course, decentralisation, but that takes time. It works for small communities, and soon enough will work for bigger ones too.

If someone here is interested, or has some old infrastructure thoughts rattling around their brain, I’m looking for new lessons and inspiration.


Hey :slight_smile:
So some thoughts
Maybe it is something to bring up in the conversation around the Next Generation Internet research project we are launching in January. Was going to reach out to you about it.

You still in London?

No, I’m in Edinburgh living with Fatma and Mehmet. London isn’t far, though January is book launches for me, and one is in London on the 21 if that helps. Reach out regardless, and I’ll be trying to interact more here too.

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The kick off is indeed 21 - 22 January so synch there @eireann_leverett. And thanks for the link!

I’d love to talk more with you about your thinking as speculative infrastructures is one of the threads through mine.
You may be interested in the anticipatory systems work that @LuisDeMiranda is up to as per this thread. Rob van Kranenburg is my latest inspiration around all things speculative and networked infrastructures. I also have enjoyed some encounters with Orit Halpern who was going to supervise my PhD. And then of course there’s Benjamin Bratton and his Stack. Will share more as they come to mind…

I’m in. I’ll be jetlagged, and might be busy most of the 21, but can join on the 22.

I also think @brooks might have some interesting leads on this.