Pilot in Sweden/Stockholm for 10-2

Hi all (especially @hugi, @nadia, @MariaEuler and any of our Stockholm-based crew)

We have been asked to set up a pilot with a Northern European city, and Stockholm seems like the obvious choice. The idea is to involve:

  1. National and local governments and administrations
  2. Citizen groups, organisations, and movements
  3. social partners (e.g. social economy/social innovation organisations).

Relevant also to @alberto and @marina. Ideas of groups we could involve? It would be very strong for our WP if we could provide this.

This are the “Letters of Engagement” we need to send and get from the groups (both are very editable):


With the present letter we wish to invite you to indicate your support for and involvement in the Horizon2020 project - - - NAME - - , submitted under the Call LC-GD-10-2-2020 “Behavioural, social and cultural change for the Green Deal”

The - - - NAME - - project will offer local and national authorities a comprehensive programme of systemic stakeholder engagement that facilitates the emergence of local visions of sustainability and increases social resilience. The empowered involvement of citizens (including the vulnerable and marginalized) and public and private organizations aims to increase the relevance of local and national decision making, to ensure buy-in from society, and to secure the effectiveness of environmental, social, economic and cultural policies and initiatives.

At the core of this journey are a series of co-creation workshops bringing together public and private stakeholders and citizen groups. These groups will be meeting periodically, circling through topics that are highly relevant for participants and the for local authority in the context of the European Green Deal. Workshops will be facilitated by experienced professionals who will introduce leadership training, practices informed by cognitive sciences, techniques used in the cultural and creative sectors, and state of the art participatory planning procedures.

Duration: The - - - NAME - - project will last for 4 years, and local groups will convene towards the end of the first year. The project will be able to facilitate the gatherings, under potentially different group configurations. More cities will be involved across Europe.

Local authorities and agencies are invited to host these gatherings by providing the space and infrastructure. To secure the relevance of the co-creation workshops to the forthcoming Green Deal priorities and obligations of the local authority, the project asks the support and participation of the appropriate personnel engaged in policy planning and implementation (e.g. on sustainability, culture, social engagement, or other policies that align with the European Green Deal)

The costs of facilitators, trainings, and materials will be covered by the project.

As the proposal is under preparation, and should you wish to be involved, we would welcome your inputs regarding your needs, capacities preferences and alignment with ongoing initiatives and programmes.

With the present Letter of Support [name of the organisation], represented by the undersigned [name and position of the person signing the Letter] intends to express its support for the project - - - NAME - - to be submitted and coordinated by IEECP - Institute for Energy and Climate Policy, under the Horizon 2020 Call LC-GD-10-2-2020 “Behavioural, social and cultural change for the Green Deal”

[Short description of the organisation]

[Name of the organization] reviewed the contents of the proposed project - - - NAME - - and shares its vision, aims and objectives, believing they can significantly contribute to local actions for the European Green Deal, supporting local public and private organisations and citizen groups.

As part of the case study, we intend to participate in the - - - NAME - - project by hosting the planned stakeholder workshops and co-creation process, and by attending the training and capacity building activities made available by the project.

We understand that our participation will be highly beneficial in designing locally meaningful policies that support behavioural, social and cultural change. We also expect that the co-creation process will result in greater acceptance and appropriately impactful solutions.

We can also have an important role in establishing practices emerging through co-creation, and disseminating the outputs of the project to other local public and private authorities to the extent this is within our capacities.

Yours sincerely

Name of the signatory

Position of the signatory


ok Ill ask Gustaf Arrhenius at The Institute for Futures Studies https://www.iffs.se/en/

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For context, the WP bulletpoint draft (we have a longer one but this is more digestible for now):


Good move.

Great! So what you need now is for me to send the letter below to:

In Stockholm? I can do that. Who is the contact person who should be on cc?

add me too would you so we have redundancy/avoid duplicates?


You can CC me and @marina@marina do you think we should also CC Filippos?

Also, I think it requires a TLDR on what actions we need from them. This is too vague and takes too much time to figure out:

What do we actually need from them at this point?

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So, it seems we should reach out to cities and check if they are having any projects related to climate neutrality. We should explore options to integrate some of their ongoing or planned activities with our project. We can partner to develop their interventions. (I know it’s still vague…).

A survey for the cities is being developed, coming up next week. Might be helpful just to have them answer a few of those to understand if there are any possibilities for collaboration.

no need to put Filippos in cc, let’s just inform him once we get some feedback.

it seems they are not interested/responsive.