Pitchfork Army: Crowd-Supporting Sustainable Farming in Romania

Pitchfork Army

Romania has had a heap of bad press recently, but in reality it is is quite the most wonderful country.

Right here in Europe Romania  has an intact ecologically sound farming system which has been sustained for 1000 years and is still capable of feeding its population.

Today in the uk many of us are struggling to creating sustainable farming, in  Romania many people aspire to a “modern” life.

But they also value strong community, clean food, meaningful work and nature, they know what they have is precious.

They hover on the brink.

They need Validation, encouragement to keep the best of old ways, to seek a harmonious compromise rather than abandon it all.

We can influence by showing how much we admire the sustainable farming skills by asking to be taught how to scythe a field and build a haystack, milk a sheep, drive a buffalo cart.

We can let the media know, build a story, have the conversations, tell how we feel about the consumer society, modern life and how we long for more connection with nature, our food and meaning.

Romanians are hugely welcoming well educated thoughtful and kind, they want to talk to us, to exchange ideas and perceptions.

We could do something very good just by going there as a group, joining in the harvest learning, sharing talking.

Lets do it!

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Hello @nik and welcome to Edgeryders. We have heard much about Todmorden and its great deeds. We are super-honored of your presence. Have you already had a chance to talk to the Epelia crowd? Their approach to food distribution in Food Supply Unchained promises to be a game changer of at least some rural communities… it integrates nicely with what you do, don’t you think?

Thanks nik!

Hi again,

And thanks to [dazinism] for pointing you our way! I’m quite surprised about your interest in Romania, you’re one of the many foreigners who seem to be caught in the idealistic view of Transylvania… it’s always interesting and enjoyable to read into it with someone else’s eyes.

I myself have been paying a great deal of attention to food related issues, and even though things here for the normal urban city dweller are not so rosy, as we’re catching up with the West quite fast, there are some community supported agriculture initiatives which my friends and family enjoy, and some growing awareness about where food comes from…  and preservation of good seeds. You probably have contacts already, but if you’re looking for initiatives let me know, i can recommend some.