Plan Twitter Press Conference for #LOTE and unMonastery

Provisionally scheduled for the 16th of September.

We need to establish a plan and approach. The core idea is to use Twitter as a platform for a press conference, centered around a single hashtag. In order to structure this there’s a need to put together a timeline and make sure we’ve got enough heavy weight twitter users onboard.

Planning happening here: unMonastery Twitter Press Conference - Google Tabellen

I like this…

… because it is a way to build capacity in the community to bend Twitterspace. I am happy to be one of the Twitter Troopers (I’m pushing 4,000 followers, so I guess I have more traction than average – yes, I know number of followers != influence yada yada), but would not know how to build one.

Breaking down the unMonastery concept into tweets, on the other hand, is comparatively easy,