[planning ahead] Bordeaux meeting next June

I need to plan the Bordeaux meeting ahead of time (because I will be travelling next Spring and will be staying/teaching in Canada for a few weeks).

The meeting would take place during the last week in June (26/06 - 30/06). Please mark down these dates on your agenda.

(pinging WP leaders @Alberto and @markomanka and @Lakomaa and @Rossana_Torri and @Costantino, also @LuceChiodelliUB)

Ok, done.




What about the one in February?

As I recall it, after Milano we should be going to Maastricht… @markomanka

Maastricht February?

I second that question, together with @Amelia who needs to plan continental flight according to the dates.

@markomanka any news on when? thanks!

A natural

… would be to go back-to-back with the review meeting, so in March. It’s only about 90 mins on the train from Brussels to Maastricht.

Not sure I will be able to attend in person (depends on the date), but Edgeryders will of course be there.

Need to pick the datas asap

I have plenty of things happening in Feb, not a lot of room, we probably need to doodle people whenpicking the dates.

Ok, done!

Rossana + Matteo + Lucia (to be confirmed)