Planning LOTE4: Location, Size etc

Sooo, we talked about Portugal. Is that confirmed as the location, or just pencilled in, or what?

Time scale? We’re looking at somewhere between April to October? How do we decide this? What are the factors? The weather? When people are free? Cosyncronising with other events/happenings?

Oh, who am I? I am Peter, and a big part of my focus for the near future will be on helping Dorotea organise this. (Here’s my data:

I may well have gone to the last LOTE, if I had known about it.

I always want to double things. So if you say you want 200 people, I say ‘let’s shoot for 400!’ (not at!).

Is 400 too many? I’m confident we can hit this number. And not just any old people, excellent people. (but unexcellent people won’t be excluded, of course (Or will they?)).

And given 200+ people, I think plenty of space for camping would be a big plus. It could work if people are hosted in many different places, couchsurfer style, and attending meetings in one central location. But I’m thinking it would be cool for everyone to be sleeping in the same place, and have the meetings in giant tents or something. Then there is no issue with people needing to leave cos they have to catch public transport back to their hosts, or whatever. The meetings can go on all night! Thoughts?

((And then a wild idea comes to mind: What if we contrive some way to own the land, then we never have to leave the unDojo. It’s not a priority to go this far, just… what if? Is anyone inspired by the thought? You know what? I might buy the land for the tent village, but not tell anyone. Then after a cool first week, 70% of the people will say 'hey, i wish we could stay for a few more days (cos our subgroup still hasn’t finished this cool project we’re working on)" and I’ll be like “You can. No problem. I know the guy that owns this land and he’s pretty chill”. Then soon enough people will forget about asking if they have to leave, and they’ll lose track of time, and magical things will be produced unMon sty-lee (pigs). . . . . . . . . . . Do I live in an insane castle in the sky? Yes, but it’s real! History will be the judge. If you grok with this idea, dare to dream with me. If you don’t grok, no worries, Dorotea will give you a cool LOTE no matter what. (and I will still help her)))