Planning Realities Medenine hackathon and on-boarding participants

Hello ! So i as mentioned before about talking to organizations like mentorsnation and go_my_code to get experienced developers to participate in the hackathon , I talked to my friend who is a ambassador of mentornations here in Medenine and he was glad to suggest the idea on the executive director who also welcomed the hackathon and said that he can provide us with a list of developers that could help but he needed more details about the hall event and the goal of the hackathon and the project we’re going to work on to talk about it to the rest of mentorsnation’s executive bureau ( as he said ) . Therefore, if you have any documents or more details please tell me ASAP because when mrand my friend called the director he said he was going to return for us for more details tonight . @hugi

Here is a very detailed description of what we’re building.

As for the plan, it’s pretty simple.

  • Meet at the space and get to know each other on Saturday morning.
  • Get an overview of what tasks we will be working on and what skills they require.
  • Form smaller teams of 2-3 people.
  • Work on the project in 2-3 hour intervals, and then have group check-ins to see progress.
  • Restructure teams or redefine tasks if needed
  • Repeat until day is over
  • Have a nice dinner together and socialize
  • Repeat on Sunday

Got that ! I am sending them now ! And as for less experienced developers from the region of Medenine , i sended the application form to another friend who is working with a team of developers and he will share it with them . As well , i found a facebook chat group for developers in Medenine and i am getting in touch with his moderator to see if he can post it on the group to get more people to apply

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