Planning Realities Medenine hackathon and on-boarding participants

@Yosser and I had call today and confirmed some details about the hackathon. For now, she is going to try to find up to five Tunisian participants. I’ve prepared an application form to assess the experience of the participants. Yosser will have people apply through that link, and we will then assess and select participants together.

Do you know any good Facebook groups or communities where Tunisian developers, computer science students and coders gather? I did a quick Facebook search and found these which are focused on some of the technologies we’re using:

Could you join them and check if these groups seem serious @Yosser? Hard for me to assess because of language. If they’re good, it might be a good place to start.


Super exciting. I suspect @zmorda @AnesB @waeljebri @dorra-b @Nejib_Ammar_5 @Nidhal may know more… :palm_tree:


@hugi I know some of them it can be a good start to spread the event and start your communication campaign! but if you want to invite young talents it is better to invite students from INSAT , SUP’com, ENSI they have their own facebook pages or groups @yosser may help you to reach them , I highly recommend you to prepare a call of application first in which you ask them to fill in the form.
As Medenine is a little bit far way from Tunis offering a flight tickets Djerba Medenine will be nice to raise more interest , again it really depends on your needs ( the engineering school I have mentioned are the best place to find the most talented and passion ed computer science engineers )
If you need more experienced people a lot of my friends have been participating in hackathon so if you specify what particular skills are you looking for or what kind of programming language the participants should master may be I can help you more in identifying some profiles

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Hi, are you looking for developers from only medenine or even from other regions, for in medenine we have not that big number of developers. If it’s okay with other regions’ developers the mission, reaching enough number, would be much easier. I can contact some of them directly, and @hugi, you can search for freelance groups in tunisia you will find a lot of them.
Then, with a partnership with schools of coding like “GoMyCode”, “Mentornations”, “Fivepoints Academy”, and “WeCode Land” etc… they will make that task much easier and the campaign will be widespread with their echo.


Good call. I’ll write one that @Yosser can then post.

How much would this cost, approximately, per person?

It’s pretty much all specified in the form. It’s javascript, and specifically React, Node.js, Apollo and GraphQL. We also work with Neo4j but that’s a pretty rare skill so I wouldn’t expect to fish out many people with that experience.

Other regions are absolutely fine if they can be in Medenine on Friday night and stay until Sunday night. We pay for their travel expenses. We will also pay for their hotel in Medenine Friday to Sunday. Of course, we will try to have a balance of developers with a lot of experience and those with less experience, and we’re likely to give priority to less experienced developers from Medenine, so developers from other regions will probably be of the more experienced kind.

Around 110-12O usd (come & back)

@zmorda and @Yosser, how about using something like this as a call to application for relevant forums and groups?

An international open source project is being developed in Medenine in November and we’re looking for collaborators. Our project will pay for travel to Medenine (flights possible if necessary) and a hotel for the weekend. Developers are coming from Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Belgium, United States and other countries to work on the Realities project. We’re looking for Tunisian collaborators who want to join us for the weekend of 16/11-18/11. We’re working with some very up to date web technologies like React, Node, Apollo, GraphQL and Neo4j. Read more about the project here and apply: Discover Typeform, where forms = fun

@erikfrisk, could you have a quick look at the application form and let me know if there is something I should add, or if there is anything there that is not very relevant or important?

@hugi , I have some co-workers’ developers, can I send them the application form to take a look on ?

Absolutely, be my guest!

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@hugi looks good ,I will reformulate it just to make it more "attractive " I will get back to you in few hours @yosser you can send an invitation to Masser net work ( they can help you to spread the opportunity among students in different universities )

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okay then, @hugi @zmorda , just provide me with the application form after finishing it properly and I will send it to some talented developers friends, for they are working on JavaScript technologies like react and node js and I will try my best to spread the world.

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Application form is ready, so go ahead and pass it on now and complete it yourself if you’re interested! :slight_smile: What @zmorda is going to reformulate is the call to application text, not the form. Explain the project in your own words to people you think could like it and send them the form as it is.

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So I have been reading the post! Hugi to clarify something, is your target in Tunisia : Experts or not? because it really would be different to decide where to find our target based on what you decide?
Paying the travel expenses: The participants from Tunisia: If you are targetting eperts with busy schedules and who are working then it would be good if you book them a flight, if not, I think it will be better to reimbure their transportation (Bus, Train or Louage (local transportation) )

I like it, and I will work with @zmorda on it.

@hugi What I really needis the list of the people coming from foreign countries so that I can start with administrative procedures of legalizing the work you will be working on in Medenine, a list that include their names, last names and nationality, and if you have done a previous Hackathon please share it with me so that I can a more precised presesentation to your work.

Also, Please specify your target: Experts or not? this would differ a lot in deciding where to look for the participants (I personally would suggest that it would be better if we target freelance people who has a good knowledge and skills, and not experts, so that there would be a bigger output from the hackathon, through sharing your knowledge, and skills with those who really need it)

I’m not sure I understand the distinction. When is someone an expert?

Well, ideally I neither want to waste peoples time or our own. If it looks like they could contribute a lot to the project, I’m willing to push more resources towards making sure they can attend, for example by paying from a flight from Tunis. If they are less experienced or engaged, but would still be a good addition to the project even if they might need some instruction and hand-holding, I’d ideally see that such participants are from regions close enough to Medenine that flights are not necessary.

Ok, could you explain what these procedures are? I’m a bit worried we get tangled up in paper work here.

When saying Experts I meant people who have been working for years in development, when I said not experts I meant students, or people who work on their development skills and knowledge and want to improve them

No absolutely no worries, I just need a list of the people coming to the event from foreign countries so that I can fix this with the local governorate, since you are not coming as tourists and you will be working, to avoid any kind of misunderstanding, it is just an administrative procedure that needs to be done, it is just the names and nationalities :slight_smile:

I am not that talented developer, I’ve just worked a little bit on front end (HTML, CSS, JS, Bootstrap), I don’t think I would make a great contribution to the project :slight_smile:

Okey that is clear then.

hello ! I really liked the idea of organizing a hackathon here in Medenine as well as the project that we will work on ! To be honest , I am not that familiar with coding and developing , but i can help by spreading out the news and recommend it to my friends here in Medenine ( there are some who are from Djerba and Zarzis regions ) and I guess they’re all ( or let’s say say the majority of them) are not of a much experiance . As for experianced ones and i can assume they are all we be coming from Tunis ( outside of Medenine generally speaking ) , I can only suggest one thing which is talking to organisations based in Tunis like “Mentornations”
or " go my code " and i think they can help you find them
PS : i have a friend here who happened to be an ambassador for mentornations in Medenine and i will make sure to bring this up to him and see if they can do anything in our favor


Welcoming @jakobskote, who will join us for the hackathon as a community member of the Borderland, which is the first organisation that will use Realities. Jakob has been in the board of the Borderland, and has been through many decision making processes in the organisation. He will also staying with us for the week after the hackathon, and will be working on documenting an augmented reality project for the project.

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The form looks good to me :slight_smile: You included the most important technologies.

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