Planning work week 16/11-25/11, Medenine, Tunisia

It’s confirmed, we’ll do a work week in Tunisia 16/11-25/11.

We should buy the first batch of flights and confirm hotel in Medenine this week.
More participants to be confirmed, but let’s start with this.

Confirmed full week participants (paid & travel, accommodation paid):
@questioneer, @gustavlrsn, @brooks, @liam

Confirmed hackathon participants (travel & accommodation paid):
@alberto, @Forestblessing (pending visa)

For all above, I need to know:

  • We want to buy flights this week to get low fares. Are you able to buy your own flights in the coming week and then pass on receipts for reimbursement? One of these two flights Paris to Djerba on the 16th are recommended. You then need to find an affordable flight to Paris from wherever you’re coming from. If necessary, I can also buy your ticket directly but I’d rather not since I then also need to keep track of your details, passport numbers and other information. If your cash-flow prohibits you from from being able to take this expense yourself until reimbursement, please let me know straight away, preferably by PM here on the platform.

  • For those going back on the 25th, these two flights are recommended Djerba-Paris.


Yes, I can buy my own flight.
Wow, there are no flights from Spain, I have to go through Paris. Seems like the long way 'round.
I found flights from BCN for 290€

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Just booked flights! Found the return ticket on (but not the outbound one), so there is some protection against not making that fairly tight connection. Paid about 280 € total.

  • outbound 16 november

  • Stockholm - Paris (ORY) with Norwegian 10:45 - 13:30

  • Paris (ORY) - Djerba with Transavia 15:15 - 18:10

  • return 25 november

  • Djerba - Paris (ORY) with Transavia 10:50 - 13:55

  • Paris (ORY) - Stockholm with Norwegian 15:10 - 17:50

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I can buy flight tickets tomorrow. :slight_smile: When are we reimbursed?

Ideally, I would prefer to reimburse at the same time as I pay out the compensation to minimise my own administration overhead, which would be just after the development week, so that we can collect any last-minute additions or expenses.

For the period Wednesday to Sunday, we’re going to rent a house in Djerba, an island very close to Medenine.
These are the requirements we have for a house:

  • Clean and generally high standard.
  • At least 7 beds, but having up 10 beds would be good if we have late additions of people who want to join.
  • Good large tables to work at with our laptops during the days. We want at least one large table with room for 7 people to sit around with laptops.
  • We need good heating as in will get cold during the night.
  • Walking distance to grocery stores and restaurants.
  • Good wifi.

I’ve asked @Yosser to look into it. I had already found one house one on AirBnB, which is by the beach about 4 kilometers from Djerba Midoun and seems to have restaurants and grocery stores within walking distance. What do you think @Yosser and @zmorda? I’m guessing there are many other places than AirBnB where we could find houses?

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Just confirmed that @owen will also be joining us! His main focus will be creating a landing page for the project as a whole, but he will also put in some work towards the Realities front end. He’s created the landing pages for OpenVillage and Academy, so he knows his stuff!

Owen, check post above and book your flights as soon as possible!

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Excited that this is happening :smiley: Yes I already started, these two links for Tayara and Tunisie Annonce are also a good place to look for a house in Tunisia, @hugi how many people will be living in the house??

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Between 7-9 people will be staying in the house.

Welcome @Lazzlo, aka Belal, who will be joining us in Medenine. He has contributed to the codebase of realities during the hackathon in Stockholm a year ago.

Thanks for the welcome @brooks! I’m excited to be joining you for the workweek in Tunisia. Just some info about me: I’ve been working with React and React Native for slightly over a year now in a company. Will soon be starting my own business as a consultant.

Also currently taking a course in GraphQL and Apollo so I can be of maximum service on this project.


Excellent to see you here Belal! Happy that you’re joining us!

Hello all, stupid question but someone has to ask it: how is connectivity in Medenine? Will we be able to, for example, reliably participate in conference calls on the wire? I am asking mostly @Yosser and @matthias from his experience one year ago.

Of course you would :stuck_out_tongue: