Play DidiAsks online with us! Friday 17:00 CET

Come play with us online!

Save and healthy socialising during Social distancing.

DidiAsks is a game developed by one of our community members (@HadeerGhareeb) to enhance communication between people and invite them to express themselves more. During the crisis and social distancing, we invite you to play with us :).

We meet Friday the 27th, 17:00 CET on Zoom:

You can find information about the game here:

You can sign up as follows:

Just comment bellow If you want to join!


Edit: CET not CEST (sorry for the confusion, 3 days early for the change)

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ping @jasen_lakic, are you maybe interested in playtesting this today? Or know some people who might? :slight_smile:


Will try to join.

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Ill be there!

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reminder: game starts in 10 min :slight_smile:

A big thank to Didi, Soha and Nadia for playing :).

We had a chat after the game and discussed making a discord thread version of the game with Didi asking the community one question a day. @HadeerGhareeb That would be great! Looking forward to it! :slight_smile:


Thank you @MariaEuler for playing and for the feedback :slight_smile:

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this was such a nice experience, especially after the past few weeks of nothing but shitty news . Thank you so much @HadeerGhareeb. Had a few ideas for how to make it even better in the online interaction I would be happy to share with you. The game is much needed and it would be super nice to do this on a regular basis- maybe we can arrange something @MariaEuler as part of the Mental health & boredom track cc @amelia and @Leonie ?



As said we also talked a bit about how to make it into a discord game. Here the first post by Didi:.

Will also post it in the status update chat :slight_smile:

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Sorry I couldn’t give it 100% attention so I didn’t join. Will definitely join discord.

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