Playful Futures: a writeup wrapping up Phase 1

Today I came across a tweet by the COESO accont that pointed to this:

@matteo_uguzzoni, this is very insightful documentation and a great wrapup. Good work!

In fact, it is so good that I would propose to do the following:

  • Clean up the English: there are some glitches (maybe @ivan?).
  • Re-read one last time amd consider: it is quite long, but I think the length is appropriate given that it is documentation. However, it would need then a bit of formatting, a table of contents with the various sections, maybe even a TL;dr.
  • Put the cleaned-up version on Edgeryders, where we can use it for minisites (do we need one? @marina?) and can guarantee long-term stewardship.

What do people think?


actually I remember we mentioned with @matteo_uguzzoni that it would be good to have a simple site where people will be signing up for the game. However, I don’t think we were planning to put the information on the design process there, at least not at this stage. Maybe we could add this kind of content only after we do all the online sessions. What do you think Matteo?

It should be on Edgeryders, where we can then use it in various ways. The ways can also be decided at a later stage. :slight_smile:

I also remember from the meeting with the coordinators, when we were talking about their blog, we first suggested to just take what Matteo is usually publishing on the platform, but they said they want the content on their blog to be “exclusive” in the sense that it’s not published elsewhere. So maybe before posting we should ask if they agree.

I will ask about this, basically one of the requirement is to have a blog inside the Hypotheses environment (blogs read and written by researchers) about the project, to me right now is a low level activity in the sense that I put together the posts that I’m writing here every 2 weeks and I write up a longer blogpost (that’s why it’s a little patchy).
For sure COESO is happy and is using this in their platform as a way to promote what they are doing.
To me it doesn’t make sense to make another mini-website only with these reports, but if it make sense to have a version of this text in Edgeryders, I can ask and we can do it. I think in total we will have 4 articles like this (Game Design, Communication, Play sessions, Ethnography)

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For Coeso it’s fine if we rerun the text in Edgeryders as well, I would love some help with the english, maybe I can post it and then @ivan you can go in and edit it? :pray:

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Yes, you can either post it or upload the raw text in the Playful Futures folder on the drive and I can go through it.

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That will tick the box, but I think this process deserves better. Also, good posts promoted on social media get a lot more pageviews.

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