Playful Futures - Final online event Save the Date

Hello everyone and happy summer!

We are reaching the conclusion of the project Playful Futures.
It’s been a long ride since this post from @alberto !

If you want to read some just look for Playful Futures in EarthOS category and you’ll get a full history of it (or also here)

Last month together with @LucijaKla we hosted a live session of the game in Marseille and it went really really well, there is definitively potential for a version of A Town by the Sea that is played around a table.

@lasseuk is working on the documentation and running the analysis on all the play session conversation with the help of @matthias, and we are in fact getting ready to close the project.

The last engagement is going to be an online event that we will host on Thursday August 3rd at 12pm, CET< please save the date and RSVP here.

We will invite all the players that attended the play sessions but also who came to the introductory sessions, and we will share the history of the towns that we’ve created, some of the most iconic fictional characters and landmark history, but overall the research on these fictional communities by Lasse, a deep dive into out collective intelligence when it comes to sea level rising.

After the event TANTLab will publish a paper about the project and I would love to create a dedicated chat here on the platform to discuss about it and about future iteration of the game. A small grant to develop the printed (and the print and play) version could be one that comes to mind easily, but I’m sure more ideas can emerge from the discussion.

Thanks again everyone for the support to this project and look forward to seeing you there.

Here is the RSVP link