Playful Futures - week #12 and #13

Hello everyone, here is the latest update on the Playful Future project.

In the last two weeks we had two meetings with all the partners about the game design, the goal was to share it first (of course) and also starting understanding how it could be changed to fit all the needs that the project require.

Next week, together with @johanIrvingSolfoft will have a meeting about the ethnography outputs.

This week we had also a communication meeting with @LucijaKla and @marina, where we discussed the calendar for the play events (more below) and the different strategies and funnels of engagement.

We also worked on the text that will be used to communicate the game around and will go together with the illustration that CHC is working on.

People will be invited to register and attend two WARMUP events (title tbd) that will take place in January, the goal is to have 25 attendants on each one.

These events will be introduction to the Witness world and there will be an interactive/rpg moment at the end.

The goal is for the participants to understand if the PLAY session are for them, and eventually have them register for those.

Also we will share more in deep why everything will be recorded, the role of ethnography and so on.

*landing page warm up events
*google form registration
*warmup event structure

The first version of a calendar is this one, and I would love to have it out when we start engaging people for the Warmup events.

The PLAY session are organized in two rounds, 5 and 5, each one with 2 WARMUP events before it.

The last 4 PLAY session are still TBD in term of Distrikt, because I think after playing the first six we will be able to select the ones that were more successful/were not explored enough and so on.

I don’t remember what was the right time for the PLAY session 5pm to 7pm Berlin time? Or it was 7pm to 9pm? Please @marina and Lucija let me know your thoughts.

Also this will be part of next week meeting with Johan since he will be present at all the PLAY sessions.

*check the calendar
*adjust it

Game Design
After the play-test session we had last week with also @ivan, the game will change slightly and reach its final form soon.

From this week I will start adding in our online communication the address that COESO provided in order to have them record our interactions. And also upload the minutes of our meeting to their shared folder.

Thanks again for all the great feedbacks of the last two meetings and looking forward for the next steps.

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sorry @matteo_uguzzoni we missed this, we talked about 7 to 9pm as optimal time.