Playful Futures week #6

Hey y’all, the design PlayfulFutures’ Live Action Online Game is proceeding well, last week we had a two full playtest of the two designs that we are implementing together with @awhitney and @vidityavoleti

On Monday we played A town by the sea, while on Friday we played Latest Edition.

Both playtest were successful, in the sense that the play-tester really enjoyed the game, we got a lot of very useful feedbacks and next week we will run another play-test session.

On Monday 26th at 5pm Berlin time we will playtest A Town By The Sea (2.0), while on Friday September 30th same time we will playtest Latest Edition (2.0).

We will love to have play tester that don’t have a lot of experience with Witness or Role Play Games but if you’re free and have some experience, please join us, it will be very valuable.

We are looking for 2 players for each session, if you can spread the word it will be great, the sessions will be in english, and we will play in the Discord server of Playful Futures.

More about the games so far:

A Town By The Sea was longer than what we are looking at, it played in 2h30 minutes, we were able to develop interesting characters and a lot of very interesting themes emerged during the gameplay, about community, knowledge, the soul of a place and so on…

the game fell short on the Witness specificity, we could have played in a lot of other scenarios, so that will change dramatically in the next play-test, where we will test also other mechanics that will make the game even more dramatic (and probably dark), but at the same time a lot is at stake when the topic is sea-level rising.

Also we are thinking about a different time-scale, the game will play over 30 years, and map styles and the implication of that.

Expect a game about landmarks, complicated relationship, sacrifice, community

Latest Edition instead was too short and for this was a little cold, we weren’t really able to develop our characters or relationship between us. The interaction was well structured but unidirectional, not between players but toward the Director/facilitator.

Contrary to ATBTS every player was able to identify themselves with a Distrikt and build an intimate relationship with it.

In the next play-test we will change completely the second scene, to create a time limited but more free flow moment, in which everyone is able to talk at the same time, interrupt each other but ultimately collaborate. Also we will add a moment of conflict in the first Scene to give again more “beef” to players to play with.

Expect a fast game about gossip, love/hate relationships, wit.

If you’re interested in joining the playt-est please send a DM to me, thanks!

ping @alberto @LucijaKla @marina @nadia @ivan @giacomo.pinaffo @MariaS @carolina_carvalho @hugi


shouldn’t we try to test it during the residency in Messina, given it’s a real “town by the sea”?


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Oh yeah of course we will test the game during the residency and the Festival!