Playful Futures weeks 14/15/16 update

Hello everyone here is an update from Playful Futures

The last week has been a little behind the scene since together with Johan and Lasse from TANTlab we started thinking and implementing the workflow for the digital ethnography part.

Thanks to @matthias they had a tutorial on Open Ethnographer and we have now a section of Trust in Play that they will use for the ethno coding.

Lasse will be our Ethnographer from now on since Johan got accepted for a PhD and he will not be able to work on this anymore

Multiple aspect of the game will be coded, of course Lasse will be in the session doing observation partecipation (1), the evolution of the map will be analyzed (2), as also which landmarks will be saved during the different play phases (3), finally the audio of all the conversation will be transcripted (we explored different alternatives and at the moment Trint seems to be the ideal one since offers time codes and it’s able to recognize different ppl speaking) and that will be coded as well (4)

We will test also if some post session writing contribution could make sense.

Also last Tuesday I hosted a play session with Messina’s young players, and they LOVED it!
We had 4 people registered but only two showed up, we had a lot of technical issues, but when we were able to play and talk it was super smooth, we had a lot of fun but we also touched on important ecological topics
And the end of the session they asked for a print and play copy so they could play with their friends, and to be engaged in the next sessions that we will hosts, apart from the attendance, a great success.

Next Tuesday, December 20th at 4pm Berlin Time we will host probably the last playtest before the official sessions.
We still have two spots available, so if you’re interested please write me your email in a DM so I can send you the invitation.
The Ethnographer will be in the room and we will record the session so it’s like a general run, share the invitation!

Also @marina and @LucijaKla today will have their first live event about play and climate change so they will start taking about the project with the community in Split, super good luck with that!

@ivan @alberto @nadia