Please add missing information so we can complete the video!

Hi All, below is the first rough edit of the video with some animations in it. There is some information and material still missing. Please submit your responses in comments below so they are gathered in one place to share with @SamMuirhead who is doing the editing.

What we need from the team:

  1. Some video footage from the Milan workshops

  2. Full titles for each person: Name (with eg. academic/professional titles), Position, Organisation

workshop video + my name :wink:

@Rossana_Torri @Cristina_Martellosio

let’s ask Andrea (mailing him the video linnk) to share with Sam some footage about the workshop.

Costantino Bongiorno co - founder WeMake | Makerspace Fablab


discard the Andrea part (I’ll do it :wink:

@Rossana_Torri @Cristina_Martellosio

discard the Andrea part, I’ll do it :wink:

Good work!

To those who worked hard for putting up the video: thanks!

For Bordeaux, just make sure it’s Bordeaux and not Bourdeaux. Title and position? Me: professor and researcher (?) Luce: OpenCare project manager (?)

Good work! Thank you

As for Milan, I think “Rossana Torri - Municipality of Milan” could be ok.

If you prefer to be more specific, please use

Rossana Torri, Consultant, Department of Economic Innovation, Smart City and University, Municipality of Milan


Do you have everything you need now Sam?

Ping @SamMuirhead all good or is there still something missing?

Missing footage and some name info

Not yet, I still need the footage from WeMake (@Constantino, any update on this?) and a couple of additions to the name list.

Here is the list as it stands, I need Marco & Erik’s position, as well as yours and Alberto’s. If you want me to include academic titles, then I will need them as well.


On the hackpad.

No footage by tomorrow = we move on and use other footage

Hi! here they are, no academic titles needed. For the footage: if it has not been delivered by tomorrow morning by weMake. Let’s use some older footage from Edgeryders- Maybe some stuff from the the future is not a control room?(space in rome) and LOTE3 (Matera activities)

Marco Manca: Cofounder and chairman of the board, SCImPULSE Foundation, and Senior Research Fellow, Medical Applications, ATS-DO CERN

Erik Lakomaa: Executive Director, Institute for Economic and business history research, Stockholm School of Economics

Alberto Cottica: Research Director, Edgeryders

Nadia EL-Imam: Creative Director. Edgeryders


Great, thank you. There is limited space on the title graphic and limited time to read it, so Mario and Erik’s Job titles are too long. I’ll need to simplify them:

Marco Manca    |  Senior Research Fellow, Medical Applications    |     ATS-DO CERN

(is the ATS-DO important? I think people will more easily understand ‘CERN’ by itself, but only if that still makes sense)

Erik Lakomaa    |     Executive Director, Economic and Business History     |     Stockholm School of Economics

Are these still ok?

Use acronym for Erik

Erik Lakomaa | Executive Director at  EHFF | Stockholm School of Economics

here’s my name for video

very nice shooting and also infovis!

here’s the text:

Zoe Romano | co - founder WeMake | Makerspace Fablab

Here is the video

As I received it.


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