Plenary meeting – 01/07/2024

Hello @reeflings,

This Monday, we’ll be having our plenary meeting at 7:30 pm (location yet to be decided).


The draft agenda can be found in the usual place on Nextcloud: Team Reef > Plenary meetings > Agendas and minutes. This is the internal link: Login – Nextcloud
@ugne – is there a link to your budget presentation to be added?
@RichardB – could you add the link to your 2-4% mark-up proposal
@alberto – we have 40 minutes to devote to the ongoing common spaces discussion. We can use this to prepare for the workshop next weekend. Or we can use it for you to preview the proposal that you want to put forward at the next plenary on 23 July, and get some feedback before forming it. Or a combination of the two… thoughts?


For those who are new, here’s a couple of things:

  • We like to make it a point to start our meetings exactly on time, because we believe that’s the only way to not let the starting time, and therefore the ending time, become later and later. We also like to start our meetings as calmly as possible, so it is incredibly appreciated if you arrive 10 minutes early so that you have the time to settle in.
  • If you would like to attend as an observer, please let us know below this post. Normally, this could be done directly by adding your name to the agenda document, but Nextcloud is having some editing issues at the moment. If you decide to come but can’t make it at the last minute, you can also post here, or use the Signal emergency chat, if you’ve gotten as far as asking for that.
  • We also have a short ‘Plenary meetings manual’ in the Onboarding Package, in which we explain a couple of things about our plenary meetings. This is the internal link: Login – Nextcloud

@Dave_behave – how are we doing with regards to a location? It worked super well at @joannes’ place last time, so if nothing has manifested yet, perhaps you can reach out to him…



This is great… meanwhile I finished Brand’s book, but not sure how I could introduce the topic without throwing four hours at it to prepare a presentation today (which I am unwilling to do). Perhaps I could distill 4-6 principles to look out for when designing the building in general, but especially the public spaces, and ask @joannes to share his experience with his own building.

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I’ll be happy to have you over at Namahn, Grensstraat 21, 1210


I’d be happy to share my experience with the Namahn building in incremental design or “piecemeal growth”.

Ok, let’s do it. So maybe:

Alberto: principles from How buildings learn that we should consider passing over to the architects: loose fit, “cooked” vs. “raw”, “functions” vs. “spaces”, well-understood materials, invest on the structure rather than on the surface, optimize for future maintenance and remodeling, document everything…

Joannes: lessons learned from the Namahn building.

@ChrisM , how much time can we take from those 40 minutes?

For the record, I’m responding to this from a few different roles: facilitation/coordination/common spaces helping circle :slight_smile:

That sounds good. I would say that the most important thing is to have plenty of time for a reaction round at the end, as this will be gold in terms of forming a subsequent proposal.

Thanks Joannes !
@Dave_behave - that’s sorted the question of location

All of it :slight_smile:

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Thanks @ChrisM !

@reef-finance : in the mark-up proposal you used a price per M2 of 3740, but the actual current price is 4370.


I think because the full price includes finishing, while we are applying the mark-up on the casco price (I do not know however why the difference is 630 and not 650/750, maybe a typing error).


It was pointed out that I’d put the wrong link in the original post, to the Coordination Group agenda rather than the Team Reef agenda. Fixed now… :slight_smile:

Hello everyone!
I would like to join the plenary meeting as an observer. I hope that is still possible.

See you this evenening!


All good Karen! I’ve just added the address to the agenda… link in the original post above :slight_smile:

I’ll be there as well as an observer, see you tonight!


If there is time I could also bring a 5 minute presentation on the budget and the safety margin, with the aim of getting to a shared understanding. We can also do it another time, or in a post, but I think this is very important to inform the discussion about the common spaces.


Should be fine to add it at the end, particularly as the last item concerns the common spaces and we have a related workshop this weekend :slight_smile:

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Hi, I’m joining the plenary for the first time tonight, I assume that means I’ll be asking to observe?

see you tonight


Looking forward to having some of our Exploring Members – @KarenS, @Perrine and @thomasameel – there this evening as observers :slight_smile: