Plenary meeting 10/01/2023

New year’s wishes dear @reeflings!

May 2023 be a year full of good health, new friendships and plenty of nice surprises!

For the first plenary meeting the proposal is to go all in and select the people who will be known as “Team Administration”, which is a fancy term to say that we are looking for a Coordinator, a Back-up, a Treasurer and a Secretary.

The second item on the draft agenda is the so-called “checklist to purchase a site”, which is a list of things we need to do or clarify before we can go out and purchase a site.

These are two important items, so your attendance and preparation of the meeting will be highly appreciated.

@reef-facilitation: both items are a bit special / challenging on the facilitation front (the first is a multi-mass selection process - the second promises to be wildly chaotic and confusing), so happy to have a quick chat ahead of the meeting if you like.

The meeting will take place at my place, and I’d be happy to make a vegan leek soup for those who are interested (say starting from 6:30?), but I’d like to know beforehand who would like some so I don’t make too much.

Leek soup + bread
  • Count me in please!
  • No thanks!
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Thanks for the heads-up about the facilitation on this one, @Lee . Normally Chris will be facilitating, but I reached out to him to see if maybe we could do that in duo if necessary.

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Thanks @ThomasMaertens, but I’m ok to take my turn and do this one :slight_smile:

@Lee - definitely would like to have a chat about the two items beforehand. I get back from London at about 16h30, so we could have a call at 17h. Or perhaps it would be better to call on Tuesday morning some time. Let me know what works best for you…

thank you for this message and prep,

i get an error message from nextcloud when trying to open the draft agenda. am i the only one?

document security token not correctly formed

Same for me…

Same here :upside_down_face:

@alberto can you please help us out? Thanks!

@ChrisM, sorry I only see your message now. Tomorrow I’m available starting from 11 am. Any time after that is good.

@reeflings: it seems that it’s a bug that is beyond our control. Alberto opened a ticket, but we don’t know when the issue is going to be resolved.

Fortunately it is still possible to download the documents though (click on the 3 dots and choose “download”). These are the file paths to follow:

  • Draft agenda: Team Reef > Plenary meetings > Agendas and minutes > file: Plenary meetings - agendas and minutes 2023
  • Documents to read: Team Reef > Proposals > …
    • Team Administration role description
    • Checklist to purchase a site v2

Letting us know that you can’t make is currently not possible by writing it in the agenda document, so please let us know in the thread below? Thanks!


Dear @reeflings!

Best wishes to you all :sparkles::pray::sparkles:
I will unfortunately not be able to join you tomorrow.

Looking forwrad to see you again soon

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Will call at about 2.30ish :slight_smile:

Hello everybody, I won’t join the meeting tomorrow either.

Nextcloud works as normal. It’s something in the security token of the OnlyOffice server. We had the same glitch in November, but the fix that worked then no longer does.

I re-opened our old ticket, let’s see what Tab.Digital has to say.


For us I will be there today and Leo will stay home with the little one. See you soon!

I’m afraid I can’t make it today.

hi guys, happy new year!! can’t make it either, but Manuel will be there. I tried to add this (me being on the excused list) in the agenda but failed. Each time the doc doesn’t save what i add. very strange.

Also can’t make it and also can’t put my name down. For some reason I am only able to download a copy but not edit it online…