Plenary meeting 11 January 2024

Hello @reeflings, and happy new year!

May 2024 for be the year!

The next plenary meetings will have some very concrete and important agenda items. Exciting times!

Unless somebody wants to add another topic, the agenda would look like this:

  1. Budget 2023 & 2024 (@alberto, can you please prepare a visual overview and add the link to the agenda?)
  2. Société simple introduction (preparation: The société simple: a high-level primer)
  3. Revised Governance Document (preparation: Revised Governance Document)
  4. Hand gestures

There is a new agenda document for 2024. This is the internal link:

@Dave_behave can you please confirm the venue, and put it in the Nextcloud calendar?

Finally the usual practical things:

  • We start at 19:30 sharp, so grateful if you could arrive 5-10 in advance (we need a quiet space when we do the check-in)
  • If you can’t make it, please let us know, preferably by putting your name down in the agenda.
  • If you are new to The Reef and you haven’t done so yet: we have a short “manual” on plenary meetings, in which we explain what we do and why. This is the internal link:

Looking forward to seeing you again!


What I can offer is a provisional report on the basis of the accounts 2023. I believe @ugne has prepared the team budgets 2024.


Dear all, now I found the right channel. I am very sorry, but I am not feeling very well and I will not make it in the end to tonight’s plenary meeting :frowning: