Plenary meeting 12/10

Hello dear @reeflings,

Draft agenda

For the plenary meeting of this Wednesday I would propose we tackle two topics (internal link):

  • The Reef’s approach to the inclusive units (two-pager to read in advance)
  • Common spaces #2

Due to a change of circumstances (I’ll explain when we meet) I won’t be able to participate IRL, and neither can Alberto, so if you agree I would propose to do one more meeting online.

Questions for @reef-facilitation,

  • For the topic on inclusion there is a two-pager with some questions (internal link). What we would like to achieve with this topic is three things:
  1. The general collective intelligence thingy: does the proposal make sense, anything to add, …
  2. See whether there are objections against certain things
  3. Get the green light for Team Inclusion to start working
  • For the topic on the common spaces there is a Powerpoint (internal link). The explanation on how I thought to use it is in this post (and also in slide 3).

=> Can you work with this? If anything would be unclear, feel free to reach out to Sophie for the part on inclusion and to me for the part on the common spaces.


Online meeting works for me!

On the inclusive units, as a former social worker who has worked with homeless people, I’m definitely going to bring up the ‘Housing First’ concept, so here’s a bit of a read on that topic:


Personally, I can work with this and no problem to be online.

Team Facilitation is currently having a conversation about who will be facilitating this time… :slight_smile:



I have a question (as ‘simple reeflings’) regarding the inclusion topic @reef-inclusion : is it the meaning that we already find answers to the questions in the “Things we need to discuss as a group”, or is that for a later stage ?

@reeflings > I’ll be facilitating this meeting, but does someone has a full access to Zoom to create the meeting ?

I can only program 40 minutes meetings with the free version :roll_eyes:

Edit : according to the agenda, the meeting is going to take 2h15 minutes (from 19.30 to 21.45).Maybe program a 2h30 duration just to be sure.


I’ll do this later this morning. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m not sure I fully understand the question, but the purpose of this agenda item in my view is to exchange views so that Team Inclusion can start working. It’s not really a formal decision.


@reeflings for tonight’s Zoom call please use the same link as last time: Launch Meeting - Zoom