Plenary meeting - 16 May (tomorrow)

Hi @reeflings !
(Also tagging @Adriana and @CaroB, who I haven’t managed to add to the main group yet)

We have another plenary meeting tomorrow, and you can find the agenda here:

The location is still being decided, and I will post it on this thread as soon as it is. Wherever it takes place, could we all make an effort to be there and ready to begin at 7.30 :slight_smile:

Regarding the agenda, we will be:

  • Checking in with those who have been scouting recently, to provide useful feedback to Team Building.
  • Getting updated by Team Building on the ongoing scouting strategy.
  • Discussing the ever-evolving buddy system
  • Checking in with the current state of the project

We should be able to finish a little earlier than usual, so if you would like to bring some drinks and snacks, it will be a good opportunity to catch up with each other, in particular some of the people who haven’t had many opportunities to participate as yet.



Hi Chris,
The link leads to this:
22/05/2023: Scouting feedback, scouting strategy, buddy system, state of the project
Timing & location: 19:30 – 20:30; rue de la démocratie 52 in Anderlecht (Chris & Sarah’s place)
Is this correct?
Thanks, seb

I’ve just changed the time and location on the agenda. The meeting will be from 7.30 to 10ish, although the actual plenary won’t last so long, so the remaining time is to catch up with each other for those who feel like it :slight_smile:

The address is: 49 rue de Stassart, Ixelles

Hello all, Lea here, I finally managed to make an account too. I’ll be at the plenary tonight (not Ryan), looking forward to seeing you there!


so we are meeting in Ixelles tonight? 49 rue de Stassart, Ixelles?

Yes :slight_smile:

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Hi @ChrisM,

I was looking for the minutes, but I couldn’t find them. Did anybody take note?

Sarah took the minutes… I’ve reminded her to post them…