Plenary meeting 23 July 2024

Hello @reef-coordination,

Based on the discussions going around I spotted the following topics for the next plenary’s agenda:

  • The building budget and the safety margin (Lee)

  • Accessibility of the buildings (Team Inclusion)

  • The number of inclusive units (Team Inclusion)

  • Mark-up for people joining later (Team Finance)

  • Budget Q3-4 (Team Finance)

  • Contract with the architects (Team Building)

This is probably too much for one meeting, but we’ll see. I set the order of the items in function of their urgency (impact on le programme) and also such that the ones that could be moved to an extra online plenary meeting come at the end. All suggestions welcome of course.


I would check in with the people from Team Building who met with the architects yesterday before you move forward with that…

A few other considerations:

There’s a Full Members meeting on the 15th where we could potentially deal with some items.

There’s a common languages discussion to be had at some point.

There’s a few financial issues to discuss, if we’re going to come back to the architects with a clear position on the common spaces mid August, not least the number of elevators…


Thank you @Lee
Checking with team finance and will come back to you re Finance topics.

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i am working on a post with Sarah/Richard as a preparation of this topic for the plenary.
We only got info in the meeting to get a clear understanding of the contract.
The post will contain a link to the contract with the remarks/questions/answers we had from the meeting.
So in the plenary i expect a clarification round followed by a concerns round.
I expect there will be some discussion on the part of the architects fees to be paid this year/next year before the construction starts.
20 - 30 minutes to be foreseen for this topic?

@ugne : we will get an invoice from the architects after their holiday, which will be on the work they did after the last invoice we received , up until Q2.
In the end all these invoices from the architects (from the past and future) will be deducted from the fees for them we agree in the contract. Once we agree on the contract, we agree on the fees, so I don’t know if we will need to repeat them in every Budget meeting, unless there are (big) deviations


We asked the question to the architects if e.g. the 10% margin could be used for:

  • additional elements in the project like elevators for asterix/idefix
  • un maitre de chantier
  • other things.

Their answer: the 10% is a safety margin that is there for the uneforseen, like product prices going up all of a sudden. Some thing we come accross that wasn’t foreseen and asks extra work/extra budget.
They are not foreseen for any of the above.
Maybe we won’t need the 10% if everything goes well, but that will only be known at the end of the construction.
For the maitre de chantier: the architects seemed to say that we don’t need one. We will be working with one general construction company. The advantage is that the coordindation of all ‘sous-traitant’ falls under them, and the verification of the work executed by them as well. And the architects said to make quite detailed designs of important technical aspects. It will take some time to do it, but it will avoid discussion. The architects will themselves follow up that everything is done according to their plans.
For the concern concerning the ‘nappe phréatique’ being too high => they know that all grounds are bad in Bxl’s so they allready took that into account in their price calculation.


This is on the agenda for the next full members meeting (15/07) - should it be moved?

We’ll look into it but Team Inclusion has (again) shrunk (currently 2 people) and I feel we lack people + expertise on this. Anybody willing to come in on this topic?

a little correction about the maitre the chantier. I understood it differently than Sarah… The conclusion is for us: it’s not clear what is meant by a ‘maitre de chantier’. This is coming from the notary, so we asked team finance to check with the notary what he means by that…


@Sophie_B, in the coordination group thread I offered to step in on the accessibility issue. Ok for you?

@els I talked to Mark yesterday (my action point from the Coordination Group). I’ll make a post about the maître de chantier issue in the next coming days.