Plenary meeting 24/01/2023

Hello @reeflings,

Next Tuesday we meet again for our next plenary meeting!

These are the items I proposed for the draft agenda:

  • Selection of a Secretary
  • Teams set-up + some small tasks
  • Common spaces
  • Checklist to purchase a site

There’s quite some background documents in the draft agenda (internal link), so it would be much appreciated if you could have a look at these prior to the meeting.

As usual it’s much appreciated if you could let us know if you can’t make it.


I will be traveling the whole week, and will have to miss it.

Hello @reeflings,

Here’s two little side-notes to the agenda of this Tuesday’s meeting:

1. Re-opening the decision on the back-up

If ok with you I would like to quickly re-open the decision on the back-up. I notice that it turns out to be much harder to schedule a call with three people than it is with two, and I don’t think this worth the hassle. My proposal will thus be to work with one back-up rather than with two.

The idea of having two followed from the search for a Secretary and a Back-up, the roles for which Sophie and Chris got nominated. But then we got a little confused around the fact that nobody wanted to be the Secretary (which is fine of course), but I don’t think that having both Chris and Sophie is a solution to finding a back-up.

If ever I would get kidnapped by extraterrestials, here’s why I think we should be fine:

  • There will be a back-up, with whom I will sit together on a monthly basis to brief them about what’s going on. If ever I go out, the back-up can bring in as many people as desired.

  • We strive to function according to distributed leadership, which is starting to work rather well. All the Team Coordinators have a very good vision on where to go and what to do, and so I don’t think much would happen if I would disappear.

  • My personal resolution is to give away certain coordinator tasks every once and a while, and to involve more people in the things that I do as the coordinator, so that more people get a sense of what it is that I do in the day-to-day.

2. Teams and tasks

There are a couple of things that need to be done, and so if possible it would be great if we could find some volunteers

Team Building

Team Building is short of 1-2 people. If we can’t find them now, would anybody be willing to act as the back-up for Jolan, who will be coordinating the exercise on “le programme”?

Team Inclusion

Team Inclusion could also use 1-2 people.


We are looking for a couple of Facilitators, preferably people who are taking part in the 6 hour sociocratic training. Please let us know if you need some convincing!

NVC practice group

We are looking for 1-2 people who would be willing to organise an NVC practice group. The task is mostly organisational: arrange a venue, set a date or a frequency, check who is planning to show up and make sure there is somebody who can facilitate the session.


Would there be 2-3 people who can make it a habit to take some pictures during important or fun moments?


hello Lee, apologies, i am travelling this week, I can only meet online ,I will still have a look at the agenda and give my feedback here. regards

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Re-opening the decision on the back-up sounds like it could potentially devolve into a time drain on the meeting. Has this been discussed with @Sophie_Beese and @ChrisM directly yet? Maybe they see an option they’re comfortable with, a proposal that could be voted on immediately during the meeting instead of re-opening the discussion again from scratch?

@Nic, there is a proposal that has been discussed with the people concerned, so we won’t be starting from scratch. I think it’s important to bring it up again at the plenary, because otherwise we would be reversing a decision that just has been taken. It shouldn’t take long.


Sounds great

I have updated the teams set-up document (internal link), highlighting proposed changes in yellow.

The good news I think is that the puzzle fits relatively well (Teams are filled in a balanced way and everybody gets their preferred ones), while the bad news is that we seem to be stretched thin again.

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Sorry, alone at home with Ada so will also have to miss it, unfortunately :frowning: but will try to read the docs and follow up!

Hi @Lee I would also need to block 5 min to talk about the meeting with Triodos and agree on some dates for the presentation.

Hi @VickyVanEyck,

You are welcome to say something about the Triodos meeting when we do the public service announcements, but I would rather not use plenary meeting time for scheduling. My reasoning is that we have way too many meetings for that, and that online scheduling seems to work more or less ok. Scheduling something well in advance usually helps a bit, and then the other trick is to embrace that response rates are sadly rather low. That’s ok.

Does that work for you?

this is in my todo list. so i can be one . reminder: there is a photos folder in The Reef Shared folder

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count on me for this

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Dear @reeflings

I will unfortunately not be able to join you tonight!

Take care


Hey everyone,

Unfortunately I can’t participate tonight. I had two presentations yesterday and today and I’m traveling to Germany tmr for a few days, and everything became a bit too much today. I meant to write earlier, but I completely fell asleep. Will have another look at the documents though.

Have a good meeting!

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