Plenary meeting 26/05/2024

Hello @reeflings,

This Sunday we’ll be having our plenary meeting at 10:30 am in Ten Weyngaert in Forest.


The draft agenda can be found in the usual place on Nextcloud: Team Reef > Plenary meetings > Agendas and minutes. This is the internal link:

Here’s what I would propose:

  • Legal set-up: if @reef-finance would have further clarity on the convention and the contracts that we’ll be signing, plus everything around it (e.g. what with people who join later), we’ll take all the time we need for this. If not I would just drop it as there won’t be any new information.

  • Mitigating the risk of the société simple: I would like to bring a short information point about the things I learned when I was reading the statutes from Ilot De Spiegel.

  • Adapting the recruitment and onboarding process: this will probably be mostly 1-2 rounds to explore needs, challenges and possible solutions. This would then feed into the proposal that we’ll discuss a one of the next full members meetings.

For those who missed it: Team Faciliation has gathered all our wishes about the common spaces (see Common spaces: getting more precision on our "programme" - #20 by ChrisM). This will be what we’ll be working with to find more precision in what we’ll ask from the architects. I propose that we move this topic to the plenary meeting of 17/06, because this way Team Building gets the time to get more precise instructions from the architects, so that we can have a more targeted discussion.

In the unlikely event that we’ll have more free time than we expected, if you are up to it, one option could be to play the “anthropologists game”. It’s a game where one group pretends to be a tribe of martians which has a lot of very specific (and weird) habits, rituals and traditions, and another group of anthropologists, who try to figure it all out and even blend in. It’s a lot of fun in and by itself, but it’s also an interesting thought starter in our own group, which is likely to double in size in a very short period of time. Just an idea of course, we can see what we like to do on Sunday.


For those who are new, here’s a couple of things:

  • We like to make it a point to start our meetings exactly in time, because we believe that’s the only way to not let the starting time become later and later because everybody thinks we won’t start in time. We also like to start our meetings with peace and quiet, so it is incredibly appreciated if you arrive 10 minutes early so that you have the time to settle in.

  • If you can’t make it, it is always appreciated if you let the group know, ideally by putting your name down in the agenda document.

For those who are very new, we also have a short “plenary meetings manual” in the Onboarding Package, in which we explain a couple of things about our plenary meetings. This is the internal link:


For lunch we’ll organise a potluck. This comes with a couple of challenges, as we’ll need to bring everything ourselves (cups, plates, coffee, dishwashing liquid, …). More information will follow soon.

NVC intro workshop

Starting from 14:30 we’ll be organising our introduction training on nonviolent communication. More information can be found here: NVC intro training 26/05

@ChrisM can you please bring the beamer?


Hello. I unfortunately have a prior commitment earlier on Sunday. Would it be ok if I arrived later (around 11:15 ?) Alin will represent our household in any case :slight_smile:

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That definitely makes sense in terms of ‘order of events’ :slight_smile:

It’s been quite a while since we played games at a plenary, so personally, I’m totally up for that!

On my list of things to do is edit this manual, in order to add the hand signals and mention that new @reef-exploring and @reef-associate members are just observers if it is their first plenary, with an explanation of why that is. I’ll do that tomorrow, but wanted to say it here for those new members who have already had a look at the manual :slight_smile:

I’ll connect with @Dave_behave and make a plan for who is bringing what…



Yes of course.

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Will unfortunately miss this one. Not in Belgium. Manuel & Ada might be in Flanders. They will confirm shortly.

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@reef-finance: I can’t see any update from the notary in the common mailbox. Can I conclude that there is nothting new to share, and that therefore we should cancel the agenda point?

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For anyone who didn’t catch Dave’s recent messages on the Signal chitchatters thread, it’s a pot luck lunch tomorrow. Take note that it will not be possible to reheat anything. And if what you’re preparing has a simple way of creating a vegan and/or non-gluten version alongside, you’ll get some extra appreciation :slight_smile:

For tea and coffee, Dave has got this covered, but could everyone bring a mug and/or a glass. I’ll bring a few extras just in case. Also bring your own plates and cutlery, and Sophie will bring a few back up extras.

Looking forwards to seeing you all tomorrow :slight_smile:


However, we owe the newlings several updates, as we come from a string of momentous full members - only meeting. I would schedule an update, get people on the same page.


Good idea.

@reef-exploring, if you have space to read, these would be the two go to’s:
1 - JET-14 summary note

2 - Edgeryders post summarising the notary’s proposed approach

Do’nt feel obliged though. We’ll bring a short summary tomorrow at the meeting.