Plenary meeting on Monday 20 June: draft agenda and some notes

Hello @reeflings,

I have posted the draft agenda (internal link) for the plenary meeting on Monday 20 June in the Team Reef > Plenary meetings folder.

The main objectives of the meeting are to start the onboarding process and to take the first steps towards getting organised.


  • We start at 19:30 sharp and aim to end at 21:45. Please make sure to arrive at 19:20 at the latest, so that you can get comfortable in time (get a drink, get your laptop or documents, …).

A couple of notes:

  • In the last column you can see which preparation is needed. It would be great if you could have a look at this so that the meeting can go as smoothly as possible.
  • This is the first time we are having a meeting with such a big group and the format is new to us, so please bear with us. I have foreseen 20 minutes at the end of the meeting to gather feedback.
  • If anything would be unclear, please feel welcome to post your questions in this thread.
  • If you can’t attend the meeting, please put your name in the “agenda and minutes” document after the heading “excused”.

About the proposals:

  • The agenda includes two proposals: 1) on getting organised in Teams until mid-October, and 2) on the planning until the end of February 2023. The first one will be discussed together to be agreed by consent (hopefully), while the second one is meant to go through a so-called “written procedure”.
  • You are welcome to introduce comments or changes in the documents, but please take into account the following:
    • Please use the “track changes” function. You can find it in the “Collaboration” tab on top. It makes it clear that changes were made, and by whom.
    • Please focus on the fundamentals only: things that are unclear, things that significantly improve the proposal, or possible risks for The Reef that you believe need to be mitigated.

Help needed:

  • Before and during the meeting we would need 2-3 people who would be willing to act as hosts. Tasks include helping out with putting the chairs in a circle, preparing coffee and tea and opening the door if somebody would be late. If you would like to do that, can you please give a shout in the thread below?
  • At the beginning of the meeting the Facilitator (me) will make a call for volunteers for the following roles: note-takers (2), time-keeper and guardian of the tingsha bells.
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Happy to be either a host or a note-taker.

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@alberto i think i made a mistake and deleted your info from this skills document it just dissapeared in one click of a DEL button. can you confirm if is the case? and maybe revert to previous version, thanks

Thank you! Happy to be either a host or a note-taker.

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Confirmed, it’s gone.

I also do not see my version (date should be 2022-06-15). Can you try multiple undo?


i see your restored version. i have to go and will look at it later. sorry

I think you “hijacked” my edit.

i put your info back into the document, sorry, don’t know what happened there. maybe we were both editing at same time and the tool bugged a bit

Yes, I think it was an edit conflict. Thanks!

Hello. I can’t seem to access the Nextcloud with the document. I asked for a reset of my password, but I haven’t received anything in my mailbox.

Can somebody do something to fix that ?

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@alberto can you please help Thomas?

@ThomasMaertens: this is a public forum, so it’s not recommended to leave your personal data here (bots can pick it up - or so I pretend to understand :grinning:). If you click on the pencil icon, you can edit your post if you would want to.

@reeflings: I uploaded a first draft of the Powerpoint (internal link). Feel free to have a look if you would be curious, though not expected of course.

FIxed. I will send you a message.

It works, thanks !

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Hello dear @reeflings,

Just a quick message to let you know that the minutes are included in the same document as the agenda (link at the top of this post, or else see the Team Reef folder > Plenary meetings). Thank you @alberto!

Given the exploratory nature of the meeting, the minutes are quite unspectacular, but we’d be grateful if you could have a look nevertheless so we develop the habit of approving the minutes before the next meeting starts. If you would like to make any amendments, please use the track changes function.

An important implicit objective of the meeting was to start the onboarding process, i.e. to make the new people familiar with and knowledgeable about how we would like The Reef to work. So if you couldn’t make it or you missed out on the preparation, please make sure that you are still following. If there would be a problem, please don’t hesitate to reach out of course!

A couple of follow-up points:

  • To everybody:

    • Kind reminder: the proposal on the planning until the end of February includes a whole set of dates for the plenary meetings (see Annex 1). Maybe a good idea to put these in your agenda?
    • I have included a couple of lines on the two proposals in our decision log (publicly accessible document). Note to self: find a more transparent process to include decisions in the decision log.
  • A kind requestion to the people who couldn’t make it:

    • Can you please have a quick look at the two proposals that were adopted by consent? The link is in the agenda.
    • Can you please watch the Sociocracy introductory video (19 minutes, link in agenda) and at the Powerpoint?
    • If you feel like you would like to go through the “introduction to decision-making and sociocracy”, please feel free to let me know. Maybe we can try to set up a quick online session?
  • A kind requestion to the people who didn’t manage to login to Nextcloud in time:

    • Can you please watch the video on Sociocracy? It takes 19 minutes and it explains things much better than I will ever be able to.

Hi Lee, I try to find the dates but dind’find the Annex 1.
Is it in The Reef shared folder?


Sorry… I’ts OK now! I found it: it’s in the document 'Read the propsal of Planning until the end of february
…Have a nice day

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