Plenary meeting - Sunday, 28 May

Hi @reeflings !

At the second plenary in April we passed a proposal to try different formats for the plenary meetings, in order to find a balance between the different preferences that members have, keeping in mind that the well-functioning of the project takes priority. For those of you that weren’t at that meeting, the proposal is here:

We decided to try having a plenary on a Sunday, as opposed to a weekday evening, and we set 28 May as the time for a test run. The concern in terms of the project was that not enough people would attend on a weekend to make it viable. As it turns out, 28 May falls on a long weekend, with the following Monday being a public holiday. It would be good to get an idea of who can attend now, so that we can reschedule if people are already making plans to go away.

The agenda isn’t set for the day yet, but option A for the moment would be to book our usual meeting room in Ixelles from about 12 to 5, which would give us time to have a potluck lunch together, a plenary and perhaps finish with another round of the werewolf game :slight_smile: And those of us that still have the energy can go for a drink afterwards.

So who can make it?

I’m afraid I’m indeed travelling that (long) weekend - but happy to join for a “more social” plenary another time :slight_smile:

I’m going with the kids to the climbing lessons in the morning, I could be able to find a solution to let them with my mom in the afternoon if it’s stays that day.

Is doing this in a “not-long weekend” not a better moment? I guess lot’s of people like to use those long weekends to go out.


Would be very difficult for me to join, I have family over that weekend…

Hi, I have family over that Sunday. So it doesn’t work for me unfortunately.


Hi everyone!

In light of the responses above, and having talked to a few members about it, the plenary will not take place on Sunday, 28 May due to lack of numbers available. It has been moved to Wednesday 31 May on the Nextcloud calendar, and is currently listed as ‘TBC: plenary and/or social event’. It was always going to be an odd month in terms of the schedule, because there were three Tuesdays in May, which is why we chose this time to try something different. The reason that it is listed as ‘TBC’ is that there will be a plenary two weeks before and one week after, so we can be flexible with how it ends up.

There’s no obvious time to retry test running a Sunday plenary at the moment (perhaps September), although we will be test running online plenaries over the summer…



Hello, unfortunately I am away for work May 31st.
Regards, Adriana