Plenary meeting Wednesday 26 October

Hello there dear @reeflings,

For this week’s plenary I would propose the following items:

  • Selection of a Group Coordinator (decision)
  • The garden: which elements are essential for you? (exploration)
  • Interim evaluation: what is going well and less well, what do you need to take the decision to become a Full Member? (exploration)

Draft agenda: internal link

We start at 19:30 sharp, as usual. Venue: my place one more time.

I’m planning to make soup, so if you would like to eat together, feel free to let me know!

If you can’t make it, but you would like to provide some input nevertheless, feel free to add your points in the post below!


Hello :grinning: i just wrote our names (ugne and me) as excused in the agenda. we are not in town. I can volunteer for the buddy system if you need one. enjoy the soup

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Given that 6 people can’t make it (which almost half of the group), if you agree I would propose to cancel tomorrow’s plenary meeting.

I’ll write a short post on the planning for November and December one of these days.

@Chris, @Laurianne, @Mas, @Sarah and @ThomasMaertens: can you please give me a sign that you read this message? This way I’m sure it reached everybody.


Ok for me to re-schedule.

Ok to postpone! thanks :slight_smile: