Plenary minutes available

Hi there!

This is a post dedicated to sharing plenary minutes when they are ready and in our usual folder (internal link).
This is important because in our new governance document, if full members don’t agree with a decision that has been taken, they have the possibility to flag this within 48 hours after the minutes are finished. Note that this is a last resort process, as the encouragement is to share your objections online ahead of the meeting, and/or make sure you give proxy voting to another member.

Can the minute taker for each plenary:

  • post a message in this thread saying the plenary minutes are done with a link to the document/folder
  • tag all reeflings
  • copy/paste the action points so that people get a kind reminder of the things that need to be done :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!

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Hi again @reeflings !

The minutes from our last plenary are available (very very sorry about the delay, it just slipped out of my head…) in our usual folder (internal link).
@alberto and @justin: can you check the detailed minutes and adjust as needed? Thanks!
@alberto: maybe the explanations about the locked account should find its way somewhere in the documentation explaining the SoSim?

And finally here are the action points :

Action points

  • Budget
    • Alberto : check why exactly did T Recruitment’s spending increased
    • Lie: send lawyer’s bill to Alberto
    • Team Finance+ Team governance: rework the budget proposal and overall process
  • SoSim
    • Team finance: prepare an exploration of scenarios for a group discussion
    • Chris/Team Recruitment: make sure everybody is aware of all the info that was shared
    • Team finance: clarify the issue of the 6/21% and the group having to be the same
  • Governance document
    • Statutes helping circle: work out how to we reconcile informal and formal gov? Can we match statutes and sociocracy?
  • Hand gestures
    • Team faciliation: adjust the proposal with suggestion
    • Lie: put the document in the plenary manual once that”s done



Hi @Lee , I got it and will send it to Alberto.

@Sarah , thank you so much for working on this.


Hi @reeflings !
The minute of Yesterday’s plenary meeting is now available in the agenda.
Taking into account the urgency of our situation now, Lie is now preparing a table to follow up the action plan.


An overview of the action points can be found in Alberto’s game plan instant slides, slide 9 (internal link)

I also converted that into a table, just in case that can add value (internal link). Feel free to use and make it yours (ping @reef-coordination and @reef-inclusion).

On a more general note I would recommend, for the next coming weeks, to deprioritise everything that isn’t urgent and/or important.

At the same time it’s also important to be reminded of our agreement on responsibility: it’s really fine if life gets in the way and you can’t do what you committed to do, but please call for help as soon as you notice, so that somebody else can take over.

Finally a quick reminder that we have a list of “keyholders” (internal link), which are designated people who are the only ones who can contact people like the notary, the architects etc. Deviating from that system is of course always possible, but please consult first with the keyholders before you go ahead, and put them in cc (together with The Reef) if that’s what’s convenient for them.


Not sure this is the right thread, but it was an action point from me: @Lee, Mark confirms he is available for a debrief tonorrow evening (“my bext meeting is at 20.00”).

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Plenary Meeting Minutes are available.
Here are the action points:

Point: Assigned to:
Contact architects for itemised bill TEAM BUILDING
Lie’s father will attempt to extend the deadline for the buy option Lie’s Father
The architects need to be brought on to Edgeryders TEAM BUILDING
There should be a renewed discussion on how the common spaces will be FACILITOR
develop tools for oversight TEAM BUILDING
Presentations next plenary about the different TEAMS All teams
follow up with Architects TEAM BUILDING
Secretary to set up a review of this proposal in two months SECRETARY
reflect on BOARD Selection TEAM GOVERNANCE

Minutes from 01/07 available.

I had to download and reupload the document, and I can’t see exactly when was the last time people made modifications, and whether that was after I dowloaded it. So before uploading, I have saved the older version in Archive, please have a look at it if you think you modified the document after the plenary started.

There is a point where I have a gap. @Lee or @alberto can you have a look, as the exchange was between you two.

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Thanks Sarah. I looked at it and don’t really see something I could add.

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It was the bit in yellow, but if you don’t have anything that’s fine!

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