Podcasting Care: Preparing the Brussels Open&Change Workshop

With @nadia i’m preparing the Open&Change workshop in Brussels that will be held 10 and 11 September in Huis VDH, a place that is being renovated to become a common house for people with ideas but without money or anchor in the city.

When i was showing Nadia the place we were talking about habits. One of my habits is to have a morning coffee with a person from whom i want to learn: about their project, their way of thinking or their way of living. Through that shared moment i build up new knowledge and contact while beginning my day with a good coffee. Perfect to get that needed energy boost. Nadia responded to that story by giving the idea to make a podcast out of it  in Huis VDH.

Thanks to the opportunity of hosting the Open&Change  workshop we managed to make a confy spot on the first floor of Huis VDH where the podcasts will be held. Having a thematic helps choosing the right persons and making it possible to start immidiatly with the subject. From next week out i will be starting with the podcast and would love to recieve tips about what open source programs to use or tips of people i would need to meet.

See you soon,

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this is really cool. I think I know a person for you! Axel is trying to get some patient groups going in Belgium. Let me find his contacts and send him in your direction!

Offer to accompany this

Let me know if you need someone to edit text to accompany conversations, or transcribe them in addition to audio, I volunteer!

I remember someone in the network was happy with Spreaker at one point, but I’m afraid it’s not open source.

Lastly, @Yannick  you’ll notice I moved your story into a new group I created specifically to discuss details of OPENandChange. We keep challenge responses only for project stories (more curated), works?


yes no problem, i still have difficulties to know where to put what :smiley:

thanks for the support

i will let you know how we will do the podcasts.

i know @nadia told me about some program where you can tag inside audio and give it more detailed description. need to find the program

Elizabeth Knows about this

@ecl said something about this w.r.t to a reserch project they’re working on