Popplet showing organisational work of Lote3

It was suggested by Ben and others during community calls - the latest being this.

A popplet will give us all an overview and would help reaching one another when we need to work together.

Work in progress…

Check if it’s reasonable?

Love it.

Very helpful for N00Bs and those of us who have been around for longer. Maybe good to include at the top instructions for how to ping people on Edgeryders, and then their handles in each box?

v2.0 with ER usernames

I’m thinking this is a good version for the Landing strip on edgeryders - how to connect with others when you come into the space.

Rough landing :–)

I don’t think this is appropriate for the landing strip. On landing, it is unreasonable and unnecessary to require that people understand organizational layout. They just need to be told how to interact and – in case they are not landing because they saw some interesting content already (I guess that’s what brings people onto the landing strip) – shown a few links of interesting or recent stuff. However, this might be useful for the more analytically minded LOTErs wishing to keep the big picture in mind.