POPREBEL at the Futures Conference 2022

Today I gave a presentation at Futures Conference 2022. It reflects on foresight done in a participatory way, based on the example of Witness, and its tradeoff between deep learning and light participation effort. This discussion came out of WP6 in POPREBEL, when the Edgeryders group and U Tartu considered pivoting Vello’s foresight work from the 1-hour seminar to something more demanding (but also rewarding).

You can find the accepted abstract and the slide deck (with notes) on Zenodo: https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.6651313.


Thank you for sharing this @alberto ! I have not been able to spend time for Witness since the end of 2021; I’m sure there is a lot to catch up with. Your slides provide a few strategic take-aways I can adapt for my research on DAOs and common platforms of action and collaboration. Hope to remain in touch;)

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Not bad for three days of exposure…