POPREBEL Data Catalogue Wiki

POPREBEL has several research goals. By convention, research goals are captured by Discourse tags of the form ethno-SOMETHING. This post functions as a data catalogue, explaining what the different ethno-SOMETHING codes do in the project, when it is appropriate to use them to support different visualizations, and so on. It has full wiki functionalities, so all of us can edit it, and even if we make a mistake it is easy to rever to the previous version.

List of tags starts here

  • #ethno-poprebel is the catch-all tag for all of POPREBEL. Appropriate use: reports on size of the dataset; general conclusions (?)
  • #ethno-icqe2022 is the tag for the corpus we used in the paper submitted to the ICQE22 conference. Appropriate use: none, after submission of the paper. That corpus will keep shifting, because the team continued to code the same corpus after submission. However, a snapshot of the dataset was exported that mirrors the visualization in the paper. It is in this Drive folder.