Possible funding: The New New Fellowship

Somebody emailed me this fellowship link, telling me it reminded them of our beloved SciFi project here — and I had to agree!

I’m thinking I can propose a particular action there (which is more what they ask for, rather than a stipend for the project at large) and that could pay some of my project-time next year.

My low hanging fruit idea would be hosting some sort of collaboration/competition/co-creation among our community, as I have proven experience in crowdsourcing projects and also I think this non-auteur mindset would please the New New organisers (who seem to be pretty Witness aligned, thank you very much).

And with that money I could pay my own participation for a while in many areas, not only said collaborative action, and also I could use a portion of the stipend for prizes or distribution budgets.

That being said, I need two things from you to even fathom this possibility:

  • Your vouching, that I could actually apply for that. I know I’ve been given a lot of say here, but legally this is not mine at all
  • Your bureaucratic help. Because I don’t own the project, I think it would make sense if you folks for the stipend into your account.

Also I have very little fellowship application experience. I’d be filling this form using my own common sense. If anybody has the experience and could lend me a couple of hours, that’d be grand!

What do you think?


Yay! Great idea!

Done and done. Please apply, and we will be happy to direct the money onwards to you.

I’m pretty good at this stuff, so feel free to ping me when you get started!

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This is a nice initiative, indeed.

Bertelsmann Stiftung looks like a well established foundation too, it would be interesting to learn a bit more about them.

I would be glad to help too, but a bit more on the January side of the calendar.

With my blessing, brother.

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Great idea. Go for it. Lemme know if I can help. Bertelsmann Stiftung is solid, we’ve done some work with them before, can vouch for them.

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Alright! Here I am with a fist draft for my application.

As I said, I’m pretty much winging this. @hugi @IvanC @alberto @yudhanjaya if you could give this a look, it’d be fantastic. (also: please be harsh, no need to soften words, let’s try to get this!)

The deadline is Wednesday.

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Wonderful! Thank you so so much for the proposals and corrections — I changed the whole thing!

And already sent the application :wink: fingers crossed!
Of course we can’t count on this but… I’m an exceptionally lucky man. Let’s see if the soft winds carry me!