Possible new proposal: PANPOP

@nadia has been approached by a consortium lead by City University in London and Milan University. The proposal is provisionally called PANPOP, and looks at civic participation in COVID times.

We had a nice get-to-know-each-other meeting, but I see no trace of that on the platform, so documenting it here. The meeting ended with the idea that we would provide a concept note for doing our thing in their context. I wrote that here.

Hello all, our concept note was accepted with flying colors. Our next assingment was to write a proposed WP outline, according to a template provided by the PI. I wrote that here, based on the standard RezNet WP. Please note the tentative number of PMs, in turn based on this.

I will leave @ivan and @nadia one day to review, then send the WP outline to the PI on Friday.


updated it - it was on the low side. For example the fellowships need to be significant and not like the community journalism articles. Also the PMs end up being 56 not 52

Guys, PanPoP is now submitted. It looks solid. I received a non-ceremonial email of personal thanks from Dan, the principal investigator – I believe we made a friend there.

@ivan, congratulations for handling the budget and formalities so well! Way to go.

I downloaded the submitted proposal (part B) from City’s sharepoint. The full thing is on the participant portal.


I did not notice this as it was being written, but I am glad that we are in this proposal. If it come through, I think I could be of help to reach two important groups:

  • Makers and activists who responded to initial government inertia by supplying the healthcare system with PPE. Blivande won the EESC Civil Solidarity Prize for launching a nation wide such network in Sweden. Our own Olle Bjerkås gave a TEDx talk on the matter.

  • On the other end, the community that attends Blivande events overlaps somewhat with the neo-spiritual groups who rejected vaccines and government mandates, leading to very strange situations where people in dreadlocks and yogapants were attending the same demonstrations as right wing pundits with pro-Trump sentiments. I should stress though that these people are the exception, but I would definitely know where to look to get their voices heard.


This is great… and also a bit sad as we could have mentioned it in the proposal. Let’s hope it comes through.


well done - fingers crossed!