Possible opportunities for entrepreneurs - Jul 2018



thank you for putting up this list!
funding opportunities are always good to hear about.
however, my big problem is that not only is the big idea I am passionate entirely non-profit, but also is based on research for public health. For instance, research is something echoing green is not at all keen upon. Maybe the national geographic society is offering grants for research, but probably not for public health… Still, perhaps the biodiversity spin could be useful… (Maybe though, considering what people mean exactly by entrepreneurs, that is not me either.)

If there were a way we can create a database with the following or maybe more headlines:
Type: accelerator / scholarship / fellowship / fund / call for proposal
Name of the offering organisation:
Organisation page link:
Application link:
And invite various organisation and entrepreneur to build this database for the use of Edgeryders network. Maybe, being part of the network could be an asset in the evaluation process. Let’s brainstorm. I am wondering if there is a way to create this database on this platform though??

You could use one dedicated topic, with one post for each organization, and using the option to make all these posts into “wikis” (that is, editable by everyone). But that’s not really a database, missing options for search by field etc…

So instead, you could look at Obvibase. It’s like Google Docs and Spreadsheets, but for a web-based database. Two years ago, I looked for such a tool, and this was by far the best “database as a web service” available. Obvibase is developed by a one-person company … friendly guy, we had an e-mail exchange after I sent him a list with feedback and suggestions.


I tried obvibase. Thank you for the recommendation. I like it.

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Who created the maker fox? What are your creation in terms of alternative banking online tools?

@daniel and me created the Makerfox

Now rebranded as PayCoupons. It’s not just alternative banking but alternative money as well. So not sure it fits into the Humaniq Challenge you mentioned above. But I’ll have a deeper look, and thank you for thinking of us!

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I thought maybe you can develop the idea and serve a different group of people, thinking of people in your beloved Nepal.

thanks to share this !
I will join here http://medaweek2017.unido.it/en/page/2/WEIP+-+Programme
free access super nice !

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Is PayCoupons open source? Or will it be? Looks very interesting :slight_smile:



Hello Josef, and thank you for the encouraging comment :slight_smile: Right now PayCoupons is not open source … I’m not excluding that at some point, but right now we don’t have a plan for that. Honestly, before that we’ll need to have some success with it first and earn some of our investment … .

It is also not hard to make a copycat version. Our network barter algorithm performs ca. 30% better than simple circular barter, but these 30% are not advisable to even utilize because the order network would take a long time to “recover” until a new trade becomes possible after draining all barter liquidity out of it with a network barter trade … . So basically, any copycat version would only have to look at our features and add a normal circular barter algorithm. Much simpler to build a new class of software once you know how, rather than designing it from scratch … in the case of PayCoupons, the feature set had about 10 major changes before it finally settled the way it is now. So let’s say, the software design is free and open, the code is not. (Though if any major source of funding appears, I have no issue to make it open source. I love open source and apply it wherever I can, just in this case it’s a challenge so far …)

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