Potential peer-reviewed journals where Poprebel outcomes and offshoots could be submitted

Ethnic and Racial Studies

Anthropology of East Europe Review


Social Anthropology


Anthropology of Humanism

Religion and Society (maybe – for some of the data)

Journal of Mixed Methods Research

@rebelethno – please add other ideas

Anthropology in Action
Social Media + Society
Journal of Peasant Studies
Etnologia Europaea
Medical Anthropology (the pandemic insights)

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Re JPS – I am pretty familiar with the journal (from my years in Development Studies departments) and know the editor / the institute it’s published out of (ISS). They really stress rural studies – in fact the subtitles of the journal is “Critical Perspectives on Rural Politics and Development.” At least at the moment there isn’t really anything in the draft that maps onto “rural” issues as such – if there is in the data, this could certainly be a possible venue for that piece of the research, but while they are interested in class analysis as @Maniamana mentioned, I think they don’t really publish work that does not specifically engage with those topics in a rural setting (exceptions being work on “peasant” issues in urban context – e.g. urban agrarianism which they publish on, and rural-urban migration).

The only thing in this version of the draft that I recall being possibly relevant is the mention of the Polish People’s Party as they have an agriculture-focused program.

Medical Anthropology is a great idea – and adding to that, Medical Anthropology Quarterly.

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