Potential spaces for Edgeryders workshop in Egypt!

Hey guys!

So, I promised I’d share with you potential spaces for the Edgeryders workshop in Egypt!

  1. The first option is the GrEEK campus http://thegreekcampus.com/ (I recommend this place because it’s pretty awesome)

This is going to be Egypt’s first technological and innovation park! It was the old American Univeristy in Cairo campus, and now it’s being turned into a huuuuuuge co-working space for tech-enabled start ups, SMEs and companies. We had a visit there last week, and the place is amazing. They are going to offer many services like co-working spaces, innovation lab, office space a space for arts, dance etc and even a rock-climbing wall. They hosted a very big youth entrepreneurship event there a few months ago called Rise Up (http://riseupsummit.com/) and they’re renting out some areas for lots of activities. It’s all about youth for youth, and they absolutely love it! Also, it’s in downtown cairo, the heart of the city  :)

Some parts of the campus are still under construction, but they are capable of having events there. I checked out some rooms for the workshop and I took some pictures (eventhough they’re still not complete I was assured everything will be ready by the 1st of April, they’re working very fast)!! I think the innovators would be very relaxed and comfortable there because it’s a very dynamic place for those innovators. Here is a link to a 360 virtual tour  http://www.360daleel.com/embed/theGreekCampus/

  1. Another option is ICE Cairo, a smaller-scale innovation hub for youth! http://icecairo.com/what-is-icecairo.php

They also have a really cool co-working space for young innovators, and it’s location is also in downtown! The only drawback, however, is that the place is much smaller and I think it can take a capacity of up to 30 people only, I need to check with them!! We can see the availability there too!

If you guys have any suggestions or questions let me knoww!

Looking forward to your feedback :slight_smile:

Excellent work!

Thank you [gazbee sorour], this is excellent news. Actually 30 people seems an adequate capacity; I don’t know the Egyptian context, but in Europe a STF workshop would focus on making sure interesting people who occupy the right (for the project) position in the social graph would attend. This is done by focusing on few people identified as key and making sure they show up, and by keeping the door wide open for people to find us and just wander in.

From the picture, IceCairo seems cozier; also, the people running it have the “right” interests (sustainable farming, green tech etc.) and could likely help us with some connections. But this is just an opinion, it’s the people who run the workshop – you, your colleagues and [Nadia] – who should make the decision!

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other alternatives

these are actually excellent spots , for the Greek campus I didn’t got the chance to visit it as it is very new and I was out of cairo when it was opened .

for ice cairo its really a cool place and the people whom it attracts are of a wide range of backgrounds (makers architects engineers enterpreneurs ) and they have connections with fablab egypt and ice alex.

some other alternatives that could possibly host workshops :

CILAS cairo institute of libral arts and sciences . it is located in the heart of islamic cairo and it is a very vibrant place attracting alot of active interesting people from different backgrounds ( fellows ,students and guests are really cool people :D) u can also check their fb page

MEGAWARA its an architectural hub for young planners and architects it has a limited target group (architecture and art related) but it is  a very active place

some other coworking spaces like almaqar and mesaha or any other hub like fablab Egypt