Power of positive vibes: Heba

Notes from the Listening Triad session with @heba during OpenVillage Festival (19th October 2017):

[quote=Heba]I am actually a new member here. I have been part of the online community recently and I see it as a place for putting your thoughts and even imaginations about what you want to achieve for the public good.

Working on the ideas alone can possibly discourage you especially when you have doubts about how it’s going to work and self-criticism about how you are doing it. When I voiced out my ideas online I had surprisingly positive response and that got me more engaged in my project, I networked more with people with insights about the similar projects. And I really enjoy the positive vibes.I came here to see it ‘live’ and meeting those people face to face and possibly look how I can go forward from there.

It’s a project related to my academic background – cycling and transportation. There is no cycling promotion in Egypt.No action from the government and the community is limited in what they can do and what I want to do is building on other activists in Egypt’s work and try to put the scientific knowledge into it.Trying to tie together individual actors into a bigger network along with the government.In Egypt it’s hard to take community action.

Open Village’s semi-formal structure has advantages, keeping the doers doing more good without having the political and economic limitations (or rather reducing them).The international connections are important, seeing that your way of doing things aren’t the only way. Individual actions are happening in Egypt, more collective action would be a good thing.


hi anu . where i can see the original post ?

I see it this way, too. It is important not to get the doers gridlocked by too much need for consensus. And yes, at least for me it is superuseful to check what I do against what others do in the same area. And, the more niche your project, the sparser, further away your peers. Hence the attention to international reach in Edgeryders, the embracing of (bad) English as a connecting language, and the emphasis on online, written communication – much cheaper at this geographic scale.


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