Pre-conference reading for those interested in Social Business and Global Good :)

Here is some information on aspects of social business, network development and transnationalism, feel free to take a look and post relevent reading in the reply section:What is being created here, useful directive resources include:

P2P ( (Our contact is always the source, here its the founder Michel Bauwens)

Phyles ( (Contact is David de Ugarte, developer of the process of creating a ‘phyle’ or transnational economic community) (

Socap ( (Contact is Kevin Doyle Jones the founder of both SoCap and the Hub SF) (

Crowdfunder ( (Contact Chance Bartnett, founding partner)

The hub network: (

Something the SF Hub are building-

These are a few examples. The homo-globalis is a different kind of paradigm, what are we outlining here? Policy shift, identity shift, …both And?

I suggest that we could freestyle somewhat in our arrangements and create panels where people share values and support the elucidation of each others areas of interest. Theres a lot to talk about, lets self-organize :slight_smile:

Thanks for the list.

Can I add

CSR Wire: sustainability news, reports, events and information


And for social Journalism check out Vyclone the social video project:

Multi angular perspective, this is identity changing, remember when artists started signing pictures in the 1600s, what is this move significant of, from the single to multiple perpsectives.


Hope the link is usefull :slight_smile: