Prepare a dedicated space for Spot the Future contributions

This task involves web customization and enabling of automatic language translation for each post, to a minimum. I assigned it to [Matthias], although it will probably benefit from the help of a content manager who would tidy up current platform content and tag it according to topics relevant for Spot the Future, so by the time participants come in they have a clear entry point into other interesting conversations on the platform.

According to our project timeline, the work is supposed to start this week and be finalized by end of March (setting the deadline to 31st).

Probably a funnel?

We might need an external funnel that contains the project narrative (in several languages), the read-only information etc. The Edgeryders platform is not necessarily a great place to do that, so we might solve this the way we are solving it with our own corporate info and the unMonastery’s: an external installation for the read-only, with the platform for the read-and-write.

I have no preference either way, just thinking aloud.