Prepare Outreach Comms Package for Workshop leaders

  1. Noemi: Collect 10 posts/stories/challenge responses for each topic (i.e. their contents are especially relevant to the focus for that workshop)
    • Athens -  nutrition, food, agiculture and health
    • Brussels - care in and between groups. Intergenerational living. Collaborative inclusion. Collaborative care. Assistive and enabling environments.The caring city. Dutch focus ( to draw in Nl).
    • NYC - autonomy and interdependency in care
    • Paris - biohacking. Open source medicine tech. 
  2. Nadia: Build set cards about project outcomes, projects and the organisations behind
  3. Nadia: Press pack with press release + invitation letter  + pictures, logos, banners
  4. Nadia: repurpose influencers platform page on smore for OPENandChange

On it.

A lot of it is reorganising our daily headlines and selection of posts to fit different formats - flyers, tweets, fb shares and so on.

Working in the Stories Fliers spreadsheet.

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