Prepare the stewardship conversation for import into Assembl

Here is a quick update on what is happening with the preparation of the stewardship conversation for import into Assembl.

  • we have marked all the relevant posts concerning the stewardship discussion, to export through Drupal's Datasource module as a simple API.
  • The data needed to be grabbed through a user with admin power, so that user was @Luca_Mearelli
  • He created the views for the nodes and comments
  • Assembl requested the access to the users file, in order to add to the users export the usernames or names of the users to be able to show this information in Assembl ( they considered that would be more useful than labeling the user "User 2526")
  • As usernames very often include personally identifiable information (parts of names, pseudonym used on other places etc.), @Matthias  asked when including usernames not to provide unprotected / publicly available bulk exports (neither from Drupal nor Assembl) that include the usernames, but to include an authentication procedure
  • As a conclusion, we managed to find a solution. But the Assembl approach needs to be re-thought to be ethically acceptable to the communities supposed to use the tool ā€“ at least some of them, like Edgeryders, might object to the "I need all your data on my server".

We will keep you posted as soon as we start working on Assembl.

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Thank you!

Mental note for me: when doing similar projects DO consider baking in more time for installation and finding convergence between platforms&data.

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