Prepare UNDP calls with country offices next week

So we have three upcoming calls next week to do a round of more detailed coordination and explanation with the individual country offices:

  • 2014-03-18 12:30pm CET Call with UNDP Egypt
  • 2014-03-18 14:00pm CET Call with UNDP Armenia
  • 2014-03-19 08:45am CET Call with UNDP Georgia

What do we have to prepare for this, and how do we distribute the workload? I can take up some tasks, but not the lead for this due to time constraints …

(Who will be present there from our side? Noemi, me, hopefully Albetro and Nadia?)

I can be there

HI Matthias,

I can be present and contributing especially in the calls with Georgia and Armenia, I’m hoping Nadia will be there for the Egypt one.

I have set up this template for collaboration with each where we can fill in the dots during the calls (especially based on their questions, what still needs to be clarified from our side). Regarding the Tour and workshops, I’ve put down all the info I have based on conversations with Nadia. If you have thoughts on what should be in there and informative for the future Action Plan, please do fill in.

in addition to that I am doing a review of the post2015 challenges in each country and trying to re-formulate the main ones as research questions we could choose from and explore later. I’m hoping to have something to share with you by tomorrow evening.

Another thing is that you’ve been spending a lot of time in these calls with me and clarifying stuff when needed, thanks for that :slight_smile: But if you don’t feel like they’re useful to you or interesting, I wouldn’t sweat it, just show up when you feel like it!

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I am travelling tomorrow so cannot make it.

I will however fill in the Action Plan template for the various country offices tonight.

Not tomorrow!

[Nadia], we are travelling on Wednesday 19th, not tomorrow. :slight_smile:

First Post2015 review is up


So here is a document I’ve put together based on findings in the Armenian report, basically outlining key challenges -> transforming them into key research questions -> and then into an example of mission brief for Spot the Future participants. What do you think?

I think it would be useful to share both the Action Plan template I’ve linked to above and Post 2015 Review to each country before the calls, to have time to get their heads around these and gather notes.

These are working documents, so I suggest we keep them in the shared google drive and post them on platform after the calls. What do you guys think?


Very convincing

Noemi, your “Post 2015 Review Armenia” is very convincing to me and I’ve nothing to add there. The mission brief invokes that rare “original ER 1.0 feeling” in me, so I think that’s the right path :slight_smile: Are you working on the same for Georgia somewhere? In that case, post me a link and I’ll join the work.

Regarding the action plan, I’ve added some comments from a hacker / activist perspective that I think also applied to the (similar) Edgeryders 1.0 final conference. There has to be a meeting format that somehow combines (1) specific, documented results that are useful for Spot the Future with (2) a fun and attractive format for the grassroots activists and changemakers …

Started “Post 2015 Egypt Review”

I decided to better work not on the Georgia part but a “Post 2015 Review Egypt” document as that’s for tomorrow. Noemi, welcome to join, or tell me your link if you started this already. (You will at least have to do the “example mission brief” since I can’t write this “the Edgeryders way” :stuck_out_tongue: )

Bad timing :frowning:

I am badly positioned for this, because of being in Matera trying to close a deal (18th) and having to catch a flight (19th). I am now looking at the documents online, until my battery dies – I am on a long distance bus in the mountains of Basilicata as I write this…

Guys thanks!

Any help is appreciated, but I’m not asking that we all work on this, so no worries. [Alberto] the thing is we need lots of things to be cleared out in writing so the UNDP have a reference trail. So what i need from you guys is merely to have a look and make sure that I don’t drift off in any way :slight_smile:

[Matthias] something on Egypt would be of great help, I’m way behind with that. Thanks!

The concept of the workshop came after a discussion with [Nadia], who recommends the collaboration mosaic and focusing on resources in the room to get people excited about their own capacity to drive initiatives. Apparently this format was quite succesful in South Africa.

Done (or in the process of finishing)

Done and flavored with awesome. Big thanks to Noemi for doing the lion’s share of the work :slight_smile:


You’re awfully optimistic tonight my friend :slight_smile: I hope you got the right flavour.

I’m very very happy with the Post2015 Reviews we did, I think they speak clearly to someone in institutions as they go through the steps of turning the issues upside down and challenging the actual reports (at least this is the case with Georgia! I’m almost finished now…). George Hodge confirmed this, he seemed quite impressed about the re-framing. Kudos on the Egypt one, well done! I also think this will save us a lot of time later when drafting the mission briefs, irrespective of the themes which will be prioritized.

Thanks to you Matthias!

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